Feds kill striped owls to save spotted owls

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Do you prefer spots or stripes on owls? The federal government favors spots and is shooting striped owls! Here to comment on this strange policy is Dr. Bonner Cohen, senior policy analyst for CFACT: “Spotted and striped wood owls are so closely related that they are able to breed and produce fertile offspring that look just like spotted owls, and it is theorized that they were once the same species of wood owl to begin with. So it is absurd to use taxpayer dollars to kill one to save the other. Let nature run its course and the remaining owl species will be stronger and more resilient.”

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  1. farmrdave July 5, 2013 at 1:33 AM

    If these two Owls can interbreed with viable offspring, prove to me they are not the same species. What is a better indicator of same species than successful breeding and viable offspring? These Owls are just cousins reuniting which will strengthen the failing NSO.

    Since we now know the spotted Owl is not subject to the limitation covered under the endangered species act, The O&C Grant Lands act of 1937 is the final applicable law pertaining to the harvesting of O&C timber. Tree Huger, kiss my axe, we have a contract.

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