Carbon Dioxide: The Gas of Life

Tiny amounts of this miracle molecu le make life on Earth possible.

In this special report, CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen examines carbon dioxide and its many benefits. While global warming alarmists rail against it, carbon dioxide is actually the “gas of life,” without which life on earth would perish.

Carbon Dioxide: The Gas of Life

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Driessen explains in detail where carbon dioxide comes from, why it spurs plant growth, how it fights pollution, and its many other benefits. “Eliminate CO2, and plants would shrivel and die. So would lake and ocean algae or phytoplankton, grasses, kelp and other water plants. After that, animal and human life would disappear. Even reducing carbon dioxide levels too much – sending it back to pre-industrial levels, for example – would have terrible consequences for crops, other plants, animals and humans.”

“Carbon dioxide performs as many miracles for our planet as antibiotics and immunizations have for mankind. That is an amazing feat for a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that represents just 0.04 percent of our atmosphere: the equivalent of just 40 cents out of $1,000 or 1.4 inches on a football field!”


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  1. carefix

    CO2 is also very good at turning thermal energy into radiation, the only form in which energy can leave the planet.

    • J.P. Katigbak

      It would be honest for people like me to see why political correctness prevails – and that is why ideological activists do not care about the truth behind environmentalism that pervades in the public discussion.

      There should have more meaningful ways in preserving the environment without which the ideological and philosophical doctrine of environmentalism is still motivated largely by left-leaning ideologues who use the idea of Marxism to justify their hidden agendas.

      It is time for various societies around the world to face the music against the mainly left-leaning political correctness before the situation worsens, and there is no turning back in resisting the doctrine of environmentalism. – J.P.K.

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