Gender and climate are hot topics at the United Nations COP 19 climate conference in Warsaw, Poland, but what does gender have to do with climate? CFACT joined with members of Texas Eagle forum today to brief the press on UN attempts to link global warming to gender politics.  The UN is exploiting gender issues to hustle its new climate treaty. They are distracting the media and public from the lack of credible scientific evidence supporting man-made climate change using issues like gender.

The halls of the UN conference in Warsaw are littered with pamphlets, flyers and articles desperately trying to link gender to climate.

They are just distracting from the real issues here. If the climate crowd truly cared about women’s issues, they would focus on the link between poverty and affordable energy instead of wasting time, money, and resources on policies based on junk science.

A new climate treaty would do nothing meaningful to alter global temperature and would do even less for gender issues. The real reason women and men are affected adversely by natural disasters is due to inadequate resources and access to energy.

The developed world has less gender inequality than those in developing nations. This is

What would affordable electricity mean to this woman in Cancun, Mexico?

What would affordable electricity mean to this woman in Cancun, Mexico?

because wealthier nations have developed using affordable, reliable resources like coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power. To deny developing nations access to these same resources would be morally wrong.

“Flying on a plane, driving a car, using a washing machine, having a smart phone or tablet – these are luxuries that we enjoy and take for granted. Every person at this conference has access to these things. Yet the UN is advocating for policies that will deny others these amenities,” stated Cathie Adams of Eagle Forum. “Ban Ki-moon is a prime example of someone who has lost touch with reality and his lavish lifestyle is proof of his hypocrisy.”

In order to eliminate global problems like gender inequality, hunger, poverty and disease, developing nations must have equal access to affordable energy. A new climate treaty would do absolutely nothing to solve these problems, but would trap men and women alike in poverty.  That is the true tragedy.  We advocate a constructive world with energy and prosperity for everyone.  That is the way to lift all women to the genuine equality they have a right to.

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  • Christina Norman

    Christina Norman serves as the Director of Development for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. She is also responsible for CFACT’s website building, web maintenance, and graphic design. Christina holds a BA from the University of MN-Duluth and is a graduate of the Koch Associate Program. Christina is passionate about the environment and outdoors, particularly our lakes and rivers in Minnesota. She and her husband live in Lake Elmo, and have 3 beautiful children.