CFACT unleashes Twitter storm on Senate warming pajama party

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CFACT went toe-to-toe and tweet-to-tweet with Senators (as they spoke), and the entire global warming establishment, during the Senate’s all night global warming pajama party, issuing over 365 tweets and retweets.  [Who ever thought tweet would be a verb?]

We’re still bleary eyed.

Check out CFACT on Twitter and Facebook, or check out the blow by blow below:


  1. #Up4Climate Senators spent all night pitching hysteria over hard temperature data. Alas, science.

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  2. #Up4Climate Tour buses full of Chinese investors go from coastal home to coastal home where they pay cash for waterfront houses.

  3. #Up4Climate Chinese taking money they made from industry driven to China and buying up Florida coastal property.

  4. #Up4Climate Southwest Florida very shallow. Dredging industry thrives.

  5. #Up4Climate Massive carbon tax will do wonders for Florida tourist spending.

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    Because droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, and receding glaciers never happened prior to industrialization #Up4Climate

  7. #Up4Climate Florida coastal real estate prices up 35% in two years. People don’t buy the hype.

  8. #Up4Climate Look at all the houses under construction on Florida’s coast. They wouldn’t build them if scare maps were real.

  9. #Up4Climate Florida’s doomed! Sell your waterfront property to us now. We’ll take it and won’t miss you.

  10. #Up4Climate Florida coast vanishing? We’ll buy your beach house at a discount. Sell and leave now.

  11. #Up4Climate Ask Apollo mission control specialists – want climate hysteria to stop. Return to hard science.

  12. #Up4Climate Ask Buzz Aldrin, first Apollo mission to land on moon — wants climate hysteria to stop. Return to hard science.

  13. #Up4Climate Ask Harrison Schmitt, last manned Apollo mission – wants climate hysteria to stop. Return to hard science.

  14. #Up4Climate Ask Walt Cunningham first manned Apollo mission – wants climate hysteria to stop. Return to hard science.

  15. NASA space pioneers want end to climate hysteria & return to hard science. #Up4Climate

  16. #Up4Climate New Hampshire beaches affected by temperatures which didn’t rise since 1998? #willinglynaive

  17. #Up4Climate Was there coral at several times higher CO2 before man? How’d that happen?

  18. #Up4Climate Temps failed to rise as models said they would, so sidestep to acidificiation. Export U.S. jobs no matter what.

  19. #Up4Climate Were there oysters at past higher CO2 levels? How’d they manage?

  20. #Up4Climate Global warming not being felt today. Not occurring. Temps flat since the nineties.

  21. #Up4Climate Sea level stable. Erosion and sea level rise not the same.

  22. #Up4Climate Shellfish evolved at several times higher CO2 than today. How’d they manage that?

  23. #Up4Climate Debt for your grandchildren. No impact on temperatures. Bad climate policy.

  24. #Up4Climate Senate climate solutions are all pain no gain.

  25. #Up4Climate Our solutions won’t alter the world thermostat at all, but at least we are doing something. FAIL

  26. #Up4Climate Close down U.S. industry and others will follow the example? #naive

  27. #Up4Climate Sea level changing by millimeters over centuries. Check the records.

  28. #Up4Climate Try rational cost benefit analysis of climate policy. No return on investment.

  29. #Up4Climate Storms currently quiet, overall historically normal. Senators in denial over no temp increase since nineties.

  30. @Auriandra How’s Mother Jones socialism working out for Venezuela? #Up4Climate Got food in the market?

  31. @Prescott67 Philippines had weather, not climate. Don’t exploit their tragedy. #Up4Climate

  32. #Up4Climate Maryland has erosion, not sea level rise. Carbon tax won’t alter.

  33. #Up4Climate When Senators say “invest” hide your wallet. You won’t be getting the return.

  34. #Up4Climate Satellites and thermometers show no warming in a year that starts with a “2” yet Warrens constituents can feel it in their bones

  35. #Up4Climate Sustainable buzzword for unverifiable government control.

  36. #Up4Climate Currently historically calm hurricane period. Got hysteria?

  37. Use the people’s money to change the people’s attitudes. #up4climate #Orwell

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    Listening to Democrats on #Up4Climate you’d think half of the U.S. is going to disappear in a few years. Utter horsecrap this thing is.

  39. Weather not weird. Historically normal. #Up4Climate Study history.

  40. Ocean thrived at CO2 levels several times higher than today’s before man. #Up4Climate Coral much older species than man.

  41. #Up4Climate PH is a fallback argument to try and cover up 17 years of unchanged temperatures.

  42. #Up4Climate Ice was predicted to be completely gone by this year. Moving the goal posts. #BranchDavidians Armageddon rescheduled.

  43. #Up4Climate World will look same as today in 25 years, but with less freedom.

  44. #Up4Climate Water and air cleaner than ever. Lifespan longest ever. Get serious.

  45. #Up4Climate $114 billion drop in the bucket in U.S. debt crisis.

  46. #Up4Climate Corporations lined up for rent-seeking profits from U.S. treasury. #cashinginonclimate

  47. Now for the native American perspective. #Up4Climate Warren.

  48. Storms and weather historically normal. #Up4Climate This year historic low hurricanes.

  49. #Up4Climate PETA and Socialists up all night trying to use climate to advance false agendas.

  50. Repeal ethanol mandate and late people and animal eat food instead of burning it. #Up4Climate Affordable food for the world.

  51. Carbon tax caused Australians to throw out their government. Vulnerable Senators beware. #Up4Climate

  52. #Up4Climate Extremists use Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts to shut down safe, clean economic activity.

  53. Bipartisan support exists for clean air and protecting species. Those Acts have been abused. #Up4Climate

  54. Senate pajama party smoke and mirrors to distract from real problems besetting the nation. #Up4Climate

  55. Senators up all night trying to change the subject from failures of Obamacare. #Up4Climate

  56. #Up4Climate Senators up all night trying to change the conversation away from crushing national debt.

  57. #Up4Climate Vast majority of American people rank global warming as there least concern. #solverealproblems

  58. Do Henny Penny Senators think history started yesterday? #Up4Climate

  59. Are Henny Penny Senators unaware that extreme weather kept the Spanish Armada from invading England? #Up4Climate

  60. Are Henny Penny Senators unaware that extreme storms kept the Mongols from invading Japan? #up4climatre #Divinewind

  61. Are Henny Penny Senators unaware that 1900 hurricane destroyed Galveston? #Up4Climate

  62. Are Henny Penny Senators unaware that great hurricane of 1938 devastated eastern seaboard? #Up4Climate

  63. Senators talk about increased storms during a year when hurricanes are at historic lows. #Up4Climate

  64. Henny Penny Senators spent all night attributing natural storms to man. #Up4Climate

  65. Sandy was not climate. Saying so is a slap in the face to the people still rebuilding. #Up4Climate Exploitation.

  66. If the carbon tax was 100% would there be no wildfires in New Mexico? #Up4Climate

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    I’ve been to church services that have had less religious zeal than this #Up4Climate nonsense. These people worship high taxes. #TCOT

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    Just trying to understand here.. a group of Senators in the majority are staying up all night to filibuster themselves? #Up4Climate

  69. Global warming will cripple U.S. defenses more than stripping them to the bone to pay for expansion of the welfare state? #Up4Climate

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    Remember! When it plays into the lie, it’s #ClimateChange. If it doesn’t, it’s just weather! #Up4Climate #tcot

  71. @LadyBugz528 Precisely..You’re learning. Cold winter not climate, neither hot summer, Sandy, or CA drought. Weather happens. #Up4Climate

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    So #up4climate supporters want us to believe projections for events in 100 years when their temp projection over 15 years was way off? Okay

  73. As if the winter we are in now never happened. #Up4Climate Weather happens. Remember in July.

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    Hey numbnuts, our wildfires burn more intensely because nobody manages the forest. Why don’t you sell it back to the states? #Up4Climate

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    It might rain It might snow 50 yrs from now But we don’t know Might be warmer Might chill out The real issue Political clout. #Up4Climate

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    Leftists use fear, mockery, intimidation to stop debate and conversation, push for newest government power grab in #Up4Climate

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    #Up4Climate Because the freedom to choose our own light bulbs is too much of a burden.

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    Because sources of energy that fuel the world’s economy should be gotten rid of. #Up4Climate

  79. Solar panels are cheap in China once they cornered the market. #Up4Climate

  80. If the U.S. throttles down its freedom and prosperity, China will too? #Up4Climate Well maybe the freedom, but not the industry.

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    This is how I know Warmists are wrong: They have no credible solution & try to silence all reasonable voices. @adammc123 #Up4Climate

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    @PolitiBunny I do not buy your ban on fracking. I do not buy it, your science is lacking. #Up4Climate #tcot

  83. Buffet’s insurance companies decided just the opposite. #Up4Climate

  84. While the American military plans for global warming, Russia occupies the Ukraine. #Up4Climate

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    #Up4Climate I’m watching this on CSPAN. Had to check to make sure it wasn’t FX.

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    The libs all cry when we make fun, They’ve spent too long out in the sun. #Up4Climate #tcot @clayjohanson

  87. Warren Buffet’s insurance companies just announced they see no loss/actuarial impact from climate. #Up4Climate

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    If you want to use less fossil fuels, then USE LESS FOSSIL FUELS IN IN YOUR OWN LIFE! No one will stop you. #Up4Climate

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    #Up4Climate No matter what you greenies do you can’t change what happens naturally throughout the course of time.

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    Nothing will come from #Up4Climate , it’s a political ploy to rally the base #fact

  91. Should Delaware taxpayers and homeowners be forced to pay more and put their houses on stilts over computer models? #Up4Climate

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    Because there’s not a “smidge of corruption” in climate science #Up4Climate

  93. If we adopt all of your taxes and mitigation policies, how much lower will temperature be? #Up4Climate

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    .@adammc123 I learned all I need to know about the magical “peer review” process from ClimateGate & the subsequent cover up. #Up4Climate

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    .@crazylary51 lol good argument liberal troll. The energy you’re using to login to Twitter was created with fossil fuels.I win! #Up4Climate

  96. CFACT’s Marc Morano: ‘They are setting back their cause with this unscientific nuttiness. Keep it coming!’ #Up4Climate @ClimateDepot

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    #Up4Climate Why isn’t this on the weather channel? We demand reality TV coverage, this is bogus.

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    I do believe you get it, @kylenbecker. #Up4Climate is more about LEFTISTS DESIRING CONTROL than saving the Earth!

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    Watching liberals filibuster an assembly they control, to talk about laws they aren’t proposing. Who says Congress is broken? #Up4Climate

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    Every time the USA does some kind of #Up4Climate shit, a Chinese pollution factory grows it’s wings.

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    .@syncrodox1 It really is the zenith and natural confluence of leftist logic; not just everyone but every *thing* is a victim. #Up4Climate

  102. Jeff Merkley pitches the end of snow while winter buried the nation in snow. #Up4Climate Weather, not climate.

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    Shorter @SenJeffMerkley: no fish ever died before the SUV. Yes, his argument is that weak. #Up4Climate

  104. @lensfocus Deciding which year is climate optimum is awfully arbitrary. #Up4Climate

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    Isn’t the climate always changing? To what year would you like to return for perfect climate? #Up4Climate

  106. @ddhelfrich Exactly. Sandy, CA drought, etc. all natural weather, not climate. #Up4Climate

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    via #Bidenshairplugs 1m These fuckers on the senate floor are nothing but televangelists for the Global Warming religion. #Up4Climate

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    Xtreme cold & heat lead to poverty and chaos just ask Finland and Singapore #Up4Climate #sham

  109. Pine beetles must go by the computer models, because measured world temperatures haven’t risen since ’98. #Up4Climate

  110. Didn’t we shut down the lumber industry to save the spotted owl? Something’s left? #Up4Climate