“CWA,” “WOTUS,” “EPA.”

Bureaucrats sure love an acronym.

Almost as much as they love power.

For Green-Left ideologues dreaming of using the “Clean Water Act” to redefine the “waters of the United States” and bring vast amounts of land under control of the “Environmental Protection Agency” – the more technical and confusing all this is, the better.

Straightforward simplicity doesn’t work for them quite so well.

Should the Obama administration redefine “waters of the United States” to encompass every occasionally damp ditch and puddle in the nation and add new layers of red tape and control over people responsibly using their own land?  How about bypassing Congress and sidestepping the Supreme Court along the way?

Please sign CFACT’s public statement and together let’s tell EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to “ditch” this ill-conceived land grab.

Those who understand what this proposed rule would really do, want no part of it.  That’s why the bureaucrats want to keep their science secret and speak a language all their own.

That’s also why farm bureaus across the nation kicked off their “ditch the rule” campaign, which CFACT is proud to advance.

We have a deadline of less than 120 days to offer public comment.

Please circulate the statement to as many people as possible.

Recently, when the FDA tried to come up with a ridiculous policy blocking artisan cheese makers from using their centuries-old practice of aging their cheese on wood, people spoke up and the Feds backed down.

This new water rule poses a threat to our freedom and economy that is much more severe.

We need to get people power on the move once again.  So please, take a moment to sign CFACT’s petition right away.

State and local governments have our non-navigable waters well in hand.  They know better than bureaucrats in Washington what oversight homeowners, farmers, businesses and developers need to responsibly use their own land.

EPA has no valid scientific basis for pushing this rule.  EPA’s cost-benefit analysis is deeply flawed, employing decades-old cost estimates that were not adjusted for inflation, nor current economic and market conditions.

Let’s cut straight to it.  This rule is not about the environment.  It’s about giving radical Green gadflies power to interfere with how other people responsibly use their land.

Will you stand by and let them succeed?

Stand up for your rights, your neighbor’s… everyone’s.

Our government is bloated enough.  Time to put it on a diet.

Sign CFACT’s statement opposing this foolish land-grabbing water rule today and help us get thousands of signatures more.

Together let’s tell the Obama administration to “ditch this rule.”




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