Obama rejects Keystone XL

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After years of deliberate delays President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline today.

This is a victory for radical environmentalists and those who wish America ill.

It is a punch in the face to everyone else.

Keystone XL is a clean, safe way to transport Canadian oil to American refineries and markets.

It would bring jobs along with abundant, affordable energy.

Stopping the pipeline has no meaningful benefits for the environment and will create no meaningful change to global temperature.

House Speaker Paul Ryan had this to say:

“This decision isn’t surprising, but it is sickening,” the Wisconsin Republican said. “By rejecting this pipeline, the president is rejecting tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.”

“He is rejecting our largest trading partner and energy supplier. He is rejecting the will of the American people and a bipartisan majority of the Congress,” he added. “If the president wants to spend the rest of his time in office catering to special interests, that’s his choice to make. But it’s just wrong. In the House, we are going to pursue a bold agenda of growth and opportunity for all.”

President Obama’s bad decision indicates that his White House is truly captive to the radical eco-left.

If the President is this bad on energy policy it indicates that there may be no limits to how bad a climate agreement he may sign in Paris.

At the White House sound understanding of science, energy and the environment have left the building.


  1. Anon Anon November 6, 2015 at 6:45 PM

    The pipeline was to carry US oil as well as Canada. Build all you can with Odumbos approval.

  2. Ellen Hammond November 8, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    I’m sure most,if not all of you are Christians. I’ve read in my Bible is that the Lord is the one that puts those in power not us.We are to pray for them as they need our prayers. Read Rom: 1-7,1Pet: 2:13-17 and there are more
    I lived in the oil fields for 25 years & I have seen first hand what oil spills on the ground what it does to the ground.
    This ground is no good for years & years and food of any kind cannot be raised on it.I signed petitions after petitions against letting this pipe line through as any pipeline can break and it will sooner or later and so much of our land will be spoiled.
    We need all the food we can raise.
    I voted for Obama & would again if I believed the Lord would want me to as I did in the passed
    IMO I believe we all should pray before voting then when we vote the one the Lord wants in office will get in. Thanks for reading what and old gramma believes. Gramma Ellen

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