Scientists, policy experts and interested people are gathering at the Berlin Marriott Hotel on November 11th and 12th for a climate EIKE Logoand energy conference presented by EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy and co-sponsored by CFACT.

Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election has electrified the conference and CFACT has been peppered with questions about the implications of the election for U.S. and international climate and energy policies.

The conference was organized with a view of the Paris climate agreement as a Holger EIKE Essenfait accompli. With the inauguration of President Trump in two short months this view has been stood on its head.

The Berlin conference features 19 presentations ranging from political and economic analysis to critical evaluation of the state of climate science.

The incoming U.S. administration is taking a fresh look at the global warming debate. The hard scientific facts that expose the massive flaws in the climate campaign’s analysis that President Obama accepted uncritically are now of crucial importance.

  • Some of what’s on the agenda in Berlin:
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from volcanic eruptions
  • The impact of BREXIT on climate politics
  • The implications of the UN Paris agreement for Europe
  • Ocean currents and the climate
  • The reliability of climate modeling
  • The effect of atmospheric water vapor
  • Solar weather and the climate
  • What does CO2 mean for plants and agriculture?
  • Business exploitation of climate fear
  • Multi-frequence spectral analysis of global temperature
  • The EU in climate politics
  • The future of fossil fuels
  • The future energy economy
  • U.S. climate politics after the presidential vote



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