Bureaucratic overreach at EPA has been out of control for eight years.

Now there’s a new sheriff coming to town.

Donald Trump has nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for the tough job of reigning in EPA as its new administrator and shifting its focus away from Green dogma back to its core mission of ensuring a clean, safe environment.

Predictably, Green campaigners are having a hissy fit.

Pruitt at the helm “is going to be a disaster,” said Earthjustice vice president Lisa Garcia.

The selection of Attorney General Pruitt, who has consistently questioned climate science and actively fought EPA’s ability to reduce emissions, raises deeply troubling questions,” fretted Sam Adams of the World Resources Institute.

Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer even went so far as to tweet that Pruitt represents “an existential threat to the planet.”

Of course, he’s no such thing.

Scott Pruitt’s principled stands as Oklahoma’s Attorney General against such folliesscott-pruitt as Obama’s misnamed “Clean Power Plan” and his reasoned skepticism of climate alarmism indicate he knows the difference between radical Green ideology and genuine environmentalism.

Marc Morano explanation at CFACT’s Climate Depot made the Drudge Report:

President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt is a breath of fresh air. No longer do we have to suffer under President Obama’s ridiculous EPA ‘climate’ regulations. It is also refreshing that a Republican President is not throwing the EPA over to the green activists and the media by appointing a weak administrator.”

“Trump’s pick of Pruitt finally means that a Republican President is standing up the green establishment! Historically, EPA chiefs have been among the most pro-regulatory members of past Republican presidents from Nixon through Ford, Reagan and both Bushes. Trump has broken the cycle!”

Keeping the environment clean is vital.  Economy-wrecking regulations and wealth redistribution are counter-productive to that goal.

The sheer panic and harsh criticism emanating from the Left, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, only validates he must be “saying and doing all the right things.”


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.