Walter Cunningham was born March 16, 1932 in Creston, Iowa. He joined the US Navy in 1951, ultimately retiring with the rank of Colonel from the Marine Corps in 1975.

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On October 11, 1968, Colonel Cunningham made his mark on history by piloting the Apollo 7 spaceflight mission for 11 days.

In 1977, he published The All American Boys, a memoir of his astronaut adventures.
In 2010, he had had enough of bad science and publicly rejected the so-called scientific consensus surrounding man-made global warming, publishing a paper called “Global Warming: Fact versus Faith.”
From that time forward Walt has become extremely active combating junk science with sound logic and common sense.
In 2013 he joined CFACT’s delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Warsaw, Poland. As part of that delegation he addressed the UN efforts in a widely attended press conference as well as at a packed University lecture hall at nearby Wyszynski University.
In 2014, Walt was a featured lecturer at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities – an event sponsored by CFACT’s local Collegians chapter.
Later in 2014, Walt was again part of a CFACT delegation at the UN Climate Conference in Lima, Peru. This time, Walt took to the skies once more – this time to make the point that climate science isn’t settled.
In November of 2015 Walter Cunningham, as part of “The Right Climate Stuff Research Team,” spoke at an event hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation titled “At the Crossroads Energy & Climate Policy Summit.”
Walt has been a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC conferences in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015.
Since then Walt has continued to speak out and challenge global warming alarmism –  including taking part in a debate on climate change at San Jacinto College, Texas just a few weeks ago.
Walt is never without his wonderful wife Dot, who not only keeps him organized and on time, but who also has unwittingly become quite a climate change expert herself! These two make a formidable team!
We at CFACT would like to express our deep gratitude for Col. Cunningham’s selfless contributions in advancing the cause of sound science and human progress.


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