President Trump is expected to announce steps to withdraw from the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement in the White House Rose Garden this afternoon.

The President tweeted the announcement will come at 3 PM.  We’ll be monitoring the news to be sure to catch it.

Three White House officials told the press they expect the President to withdraw from Paris today, however, others have been mounting a last-minute rear-guard action trying to in some form keep the U.S. in.

The details should be fascinating.

Several options for getting out of Paris have been floated:

  • Start the formal withdrawal mechanism specified in the Paris Agreement
  • Withdraw immediately from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Submit the agreement to the Senate for ratification under the Constitution

Some are advising the President to remain in the agreement while seeking to renegotiate its terms.  This would be difficult to do given the complexity of the UN process and UN’s reluctance to reopen the matter.

CFACT’s Marc Morano appeared on Newsmax TV where he forcefully laid out the case that the UN climate regime is really, “all about social engineering, central planning, redistribution of wealth, and empowering UN bureaucrats.”

The UN Paris Agreement is a bad deal for America and the world.

We recommend you watch this afternoon to see exactly what the President announces.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.