When President Trump yanked America out of the UN’s Paris Accord last Thursday, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano launched into full media overdrive.

From major U.S. news outlets like Fox News, the Blaze and American Family Radio, to international broadcasts including Sky News, Al Jazeera, and ‘Good Morning Britain,’ among others, Marc has been hitting the airwaves taking on Green spokesman and passionately and articulately defending the President’s wise choice to exit the Paris agreement.

Yesterday, Morano refuted Al Gore and John Kerry on Fox saying, “Donald Trump made the best deal by walking away from the table when the premise is absurd, that the United Nations is going to save the planet through regulation, central planning and wealth redistribution.” 

Things got contentious during Marc’s appearance on Al Jazeera where Marc said, “The U.S. federal government is out. That is leadership and a rejection of superstition. If we had to rely on the UN and we actually faced a climate apocalypse we would all be doomed.”

Marc Morano speaking on the air about climate is like an anti-propaganda vaccination. 

Green-Left spokesmen, not used to being aggressively challenged, are often left looking like they’ve been hit by a tornado.

Take a look at the roundup below of some of Marc’s most recent media interviews and reports.

Exiting Paris has finally burst open the climate debate. 

CFACT has been busy laying out the facts – and now is the time to go on the offensive.

Once people become acquainted with the truth about this climate hustle its tough for the warming crowd to bamboozle them again.


Ongoing media roundup

Major national and international TV and radio and print publications including BBC, Fox News, Sky News, Al Jazeera, The Washington Times, Blaze TV, ‘Good Morning Britain’, NewsMax TV, One America News TV, and many more.

Climate Depot’s Morano appears on Fox News to discuss Al Gore’s reaction to UN Paris Climate Exit – Broadcast June 5, 2017 – Fox Business Channel – ‘Risk and Reward’

Watch: Morano in contentious Al Jazeera TV debate: ‘Trump waded into a religious war by going after climate pact’ – Watch: Climate Depot’s Marc Morano on Al Jazeera TV on Trump UN Paris Pact – Broadcast June 1, 2017  – Morano on TV: “This is not even a an environmental lobby anymore. This is religious conviction. Trump waded into a religious war by going after climate pact. The UN chief has actually said global warming is my religion. and Hollywood celebrities have alluded to that, actor Harrison Ford has said he found in nature a replacement for God. Trump is actually standing up and willing to taking on the religion of climate change. Again, no modern leader other than former Czech President Vaclav Klaus has shown this kind of strength.”

Watch: Morano in Sky News TV debate with Greenpeace: ‘It’s the greatest thing for the U.S. to leave Paris pact’ – Broadcast June 1, 2017 -Sky News -Marc Morano vs. Sky News Anchor Kay Burley and a Kaisa Kosonen, a spokesperson from Greenpeace International. Morano: ‘This treaty has no basis not only in science, but in actual cost benefit analysis. Even if you use all the UN assumptions and believe everything they claim about the science, you would not be able to measure the temperature difference in a 100 years assuming all the countries did what thy planned to do…If we did face a climate apocalypse, you don’t need the UN to sit there and decide what energy mix countries should have. UN bureaucrats don’t have to be in charge. You don’t need central planning to determine that.  

Watch: Marc Morano Appears on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ to Debate the Paris Climate Accord with climate activist Vivienne Westwood – June 2, 2017 – Show info

Listen: BBC radio features Morano in two separate shows: June 2, 2017 – ‘We don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats do nothing for the climate’ – Climate Depot’s Morano on two BBC radio programs on Trump’s Clexit from UN Paris Treaty. Full audio from both programs below.  Morano: ‘This is very close to a religious issue. This is a theological issue. People take climate change that seriously.’ ‘We are proud of a president who is staring at the UN and saying ‘we don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats can redistribute our wealth and do nothing for the climate. This is a great day for science.’ ‘The UN has admitted they will redistribute wealth by climate policy. This is all politics, it is not about saving the planet and Trump is calling them on it.’

Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: UN Paris Accord Is About Wealth Redistribution, Not Climate – Morano on Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg show: “The UN has actually admitted the real reason for the treaty. They said this is not even environmental policy anymore, we will redistribute wealth by climate policy. That’s what they want, a $100 billion a year slush fund going to governments that are best able to keep your people locked in poverty. “This is all about social engineering, central planning, redistribution of wealth, and empowering UN bureaucrats.”

Morano on Blaze TV: ‘We are going to have a Clexit! A climate exit!’Watch Morano on One America TV: Trump touched on ‘religious belief’ – It’s a ‘theological debate’ on climate – Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN (One America News Network) – Morano: ‘What Trump did today was a blow to superstition. No longer in Washington DC do we have to pretend that a UN climate treaty can save the planet or actually control temperature or impact storminess. This truly is a day that science has won out in DC and that is a rare day when it comes to climate change.’

Climate Depot Special Reports on UN Paris:

Trump stomps on climate religion, withdraws from UN pact – Special Report – Morano: ‘This is very close to a religious issue. This is a theological issue. People take climate change that seriously.’ ‘We are proud of a president who is staring at the UN and saying we don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats can redistribute our wealth and do nothing for the climate. This is a great day for science.’

Gore admits Paris pact symbolic – Makes incorrect claims about Greenland, sea levels & extreme weather on Fox News – Gore on symbolic UN Paris Pact:  

CHRIS WALLACE: “You would agree that even if all 195 nations, now 194, met their targets, it still wouldn’t solve the problem.”

AL GORE: “That is correct. However, it sends a very powerful signal to business and industry and civil society, and countries around the world.”

The Earth’s climate continues to defy Al Gore’s claims. Despite what Gore claimed on Fox News today, the scientific reality show Gore is wrong.  Reality Check on Gore 2017: Greenland Ice Mass Increases To Near Record – Sea level rise in the Miami area is not accelerating and it is rising at a rate of about 1 foot per century. – Sea levels have been rising since the last ice age ended more than 10,000 years ago. There is currently no acceleration in sea level rise. – Analysis: Nearly all extreme weather is declining or at or near record lows

Washington Times features Climate Depot reporting: Leon Panetta, in 2012 remarks delivered to the Environmental Defense Fund: Climate change dramatically impacts national security, in that “rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps … all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” Climate Depot reported.

Washington Times Features Climate Depot: Marc Morano, publisher of the influential Washington DC-based Climatedepot.com fears that is the case. “It seems that the Fairbanks Declaration was Tillerson testing how far he can push,” said Mr. Morano. “And given all of the disastrous distractions the Trump administration is currently undergoing, Mr. Tillerson likely will be able to push all the way to staying in the U.N.Paris agreement.” Mr. Morano, also the author of a new report offering “talking points” on global warming for policymakers who contest the climate scare, concluded, “The administration is not seizing the moment on the Paris Agreement and few conservatives are holding them to account. If we don’t get rid of Paris now, we may never get rid of it and it may strengthen during next presidency.”
 A host of radio interviews as well, including WBAL, Sheila Zilinsky Show, Mike Gallagher, American Family Radio, etc.


  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.