If there was ever a question about how Australians would respond to a film challenging global warming alarmism – there isn’t any longer.

Climate Hustle is a hit Down Under!

Large audiences in Melbourne and Brisbane flocked to the screening of CFACT’s film over the last few days, and the reactions have been nothing short of glowing.

The weather outside was 68° Fahrenheit, spot on for Brisbane’s July average,“ said Graham Young who helped organize the showing there, “but inside climate change induced a higher temperature, with an energized cinema packed to standing room only. We were turning them away at the door because it was booked out days before. Just as well – we had Climate Hustle DVD’s we could sell to them! They all went quickly.”

From conversations I had with audience members at the end of the Melbourne event, it was clear that it was a great success,” chimed Jeffrey Rae of the Australian Environmental Foundation. “They loved the film for its critique for a lay audience of the scientific ‘consensus’ on climate change. They also loved the humor that was used in intellectually skewering various positions … overall they felt the film is an effective and much-needed corrective to most of what passes as public debate on this subject.”

In attendance at the showing in Brisbane were Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts and renowned scientist Viv Forbes. Both took time to chat with Marc and me before and after the event. We were also joined on stage during a question and answer session after the Melbourne screening by widely respected science writer Joanne Nova and economist Alan Moran, who both offered insightful comments and a perspective on the debate from an Australian point of view.

The buzz surrounding the film also drew the attention of the Australian press, as Marc was interviewed on such outlets as SKY NEWSAustralia’s Herald Sun, and the Alan Jones Show. More are rolling in each day.

The Climate Hustle express is not yet done – there’s still one more stop!

The film shows in Sydney tonight – and organizers say it too will be a sellout.  Over 300 people have already ordered tickets for a venue that holds just 200. Not to worry, organizers are planning extra seating.

If the Greens are taking note of our presence here (and we know they are), one can’t help but wonder what’s going through their heads. My best guess is, “Climate skepticism is alive and well in Australia? Where’d we go wrong?”

The Greens like to claim the masses are with them.  While some folks may have sadly drunk their Kool-Aid, by the looks of things there are many better-informed Australians who won’t be taking a swig of their alarmist concoction.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.