Global warming campaigners are spoiled.

When they get together for a UN conference they don’t expect to be challenged.

The last thing they expected was CFACT!

Marc Morano, who compiles CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information site and stars in our film Climate Hustle, has been confronting the Green elite and questioning them out of their comfort zones.

When Marc encountered French President Emmanuel Macron, he bluntly told him that President Trump is right on climate.  Not what Macron was expecting inside what he expected would be a one-sided UN safe space!

Marc also encountered former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and asked her about her infamous statement that the UN is prepared to manage a “centralized transformation” of all of our lives.  Figueres tries to laugh off her prior statement as though such a thing was never uttered from her lips.  The record, however, speaks otherwise.  Figures told Marc that the UN would electrify the world with wind and solar panels.  The record is none to kind to that fantasy either.

Greenpeace docked one of their ships, the Beluga II, here in Bonn for the conference.  As I write this, our CFACT crew just got back from paying a little visit to their vessel.  Marc donned the uniform of a ship’s officer and welcomed “climate hustlers” of all kinds aboard Greenpeace’s “diesel-powered climate propaganda boat.”  “Pandering politicians, green energy profiteers, power-hungry UN bureaucrats, and clueless climate activists,  Greenpeace has a berth for you,” Marc said, “Welcome aboard!”

Greenpeace activists were none too happy to have CFACT at their boat.  “You’ll have to leave and show us respect,” they said.  “Respect?!”  we laughed.  “Last night Greenpeace occupied a German power plant,” we replied.  Greenpeace never respects anyone.  “Will you promise Greenpeace will be respectful to others from now on?” we inquired.  This short circuited their wiring.  They truly believe rules are for other people.

We’ve got a full slate of interviews and events planned, including a debate with the minority leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives in just an hour.

The warming elite likes to speak as if they have science on their side.  Here at the UN climate conference, activists, official delegates and even heads of state are spewing absolute climate nonsense that no valid scientist would support.

No, Fijian COP President Frank Bainimarama, American cars and electricity did not cause your cyclone.  Pity, Angela Merkel, Germans tripled their electricity prices by wasting money on your fruitless wind and solar “Energiewende,” and despite this their emission levels never budged.  Sorry, Christiana Figueras, the world doesn’t want  UN “central management.”  Wake up Emmanuel Macron, America has woken up to the climate hustle.  Will France be next?  Hey Greenpeace, how about you start respecting the rights of others?  And by the way, Socialism never works.

Powerful people are walking around the UN climate conference laden with false premises.

CFACT confronted them with facts.  Now it’s time for them to start listening.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.