CFACT barnstormed CPAC, The Conservative Political Action Conference, this weekend with a series of activities that culminated in a light saber duel between “Green Energy” Darth Vader and the “Reliable Energy” Jedi!

“We thought this would get the point across to the crowd pretty easily: That so-called ‘green’ energy that needs subsidies is the bad guy and reliable energy that comes from fossil fuels and nuclear are the good guys,” said Adam Houser. Adam is the director of CFACT’s nationwide network of college chapters.

CPAC has been an important annual gathering of conservatives and libertarians for over 45 years.  This year both President Trump and Vice President Pence were there.

“CFACT’s light saber duel was meant to strike a deeper discussion of what type of energy is right for America going forward.”  Adam reports at CFACT Campus.  “As dozens of students crowded around the duel, and The Opposition, a late-night political satire show on Comedy Central, filmed the fake altercation, it was clear the stunt achieved its intended goal. Students then flocked to CFACT’s booth, where they could take the Energy Challenge to charge their phone and learn more about energy. Vanity Fair, NowThis, and Teen Vogue all stopped at CFACT’s booth to ask questions about energy and take pictures.

‘We gave students the option to charge their phone from a typical outlet, which is powered by fossil fuels, or they could try to go the ‘renewable’ route by blowing on the mini wind turbine or turning the hand crank,’ explained Graham Beduze, CFACT’s Associate Director of Collegians. ‘The vast majority chose conventional energy, although it was hilarious to see some students furiously turning the crank or getting winded trying to generate enough force to charge their phones by blowing on the turbine.'”


Marc Morano, who runs CFACT’s Climate Depot news and information service has a new book out, The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change which launches today.  He gave a series of radio interviews.  You can hear Marc at WMAL Radio: Mornings on the Mall with MARY WALTER AND VINCE COGLIANESE, KVI Radio – John Carlson & Kirby Wilbur Show and The Schilling Show – Rob Schilling.

CPAC presents an opportunity for CFACT to brief some of the nation’s most effective political activists and send them into the field armed with the facts about energy, the environment and other issues.

CFACT’s team did an outstanding job.  We’re proud of them.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.