The so-called “Green New Deal” is a Green new danger for America.

It is the ultimate in “watermelon” policy;  Green on the outside while red within.

We posted extensive coverage at and CFACT’s Climate Depot.

The Green New Deal:   It’s worse than you think

Smashed watermelon on the ground

While the “GND” remains somewhat nebulous when it comes to specifics, we can learn quite a bit from a

proposed rule change newly sworn in Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez submitted to the House.  We posted the entire document to for you to examine.

The Ocasio-Cortez proposal would create a new congressional subcommittee tasked with drafting legislation to basically end America’s free economy and substitute left-wing central management.  Here’s an excerpt stating that the GND shall:

(vi) mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished, low income, deindustrialized or other marginalized communities in such a way that builds wealth and ownership at the community level);
(vii) include additional measures such as basic income programs, universal health care programs and any others as the select committee may deem appropriate to promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism;

Adjust Earth’s thermostat through redistribution of wealth?  We’re hearing this foolishness far too often for comfort.

David Wojick digs deeper at, delving into a 36 page proposal put forth by a group called “Data for Progress.”  He notes the proposal’s “green job guarantee” which it defines as “a legal right that obligates the federal government to provide a job for anyone who asks for one and to pay them a livable wage.”

It quickly becomes obvious that this “Green New Deal” is nothing more than a ruse designed to give the radical Left the redistribution and control it has always craved.

Bonner Cohen posted an extensive analysis to which explains that “a government-mandated transition to 100% renewable energy would completely destroy the U.S. industrial base and cause lights to go out in millions of households across the country.”

As Bonner concludes, “the Green New Deal is folly on an epic scale.”


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.