1512, 2018

COP 24: Good news and bad

Two groups showed up at UN COP 24 in Katowice, Poland - one predicting a catastrophic disaster and the other with a message of hope and encouragement.

1412, 2018

COP 24: All aboard the UN climate gravy train

Many groups at the UN climate conference have no clear connection to what the UN calls "climate action," but who can say they shouldn't still get some of the money? Who can resist a slice of the trillion dollar climate finance pie?

1212, 2018

CFACT billboard: Energy independence for Poland!

CFACT put up a hard-hitting billboard near the entrance to COP 24, the UN conference on climate change. It says, “Congratulations Poland, 100 years! Exit the UN Paris Accord. Energy Independence for Poland!” We met with coal miners and average Poles. They are fed up.

1012, 2018

The sky is falling?!?

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By Greg Walcher Ridiculous report claims humans have killed more than half the world’s wildlife in past 48 years.

1012, 2018

COP 24: CFACT with the gilets jaune

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The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) represent a broad cross section of the French working and middle classes.  They are butchers, bakers and automobile makers.  They are the folks who drive the trucks, farm the food, build the buildings and fix what breaks.  They are France.  They have had enough. 

512, 2018

The clever ruse of sea level alarm

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By Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris Claims about dangerously rising sea levels, and island nations being submerged by them – as a result of human fossil fuel use and manmade global warming – are nothing more than a clever ruse, designed to frighten people into demanding or accepting terrible energy policies.