• Opposition mounts to Obama’s proposed Pacific Monument expansion

    Pacific Islanders incredulous. WATCH NOW “What country do we live in? With the stroke of a pen President Obama will close an area the size of the Gulf of Mexico… There are no coral reefs in the deep blue” and the fish there are highly migratory. “Does the President and his advisers understand what highly migratory means?”

  • Pummeling Coal Country families

    President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is about anything BUT protection of the American people and their economic future. Instead, the EPA has proposed regulations — based on spurious research — that will devastate families in coal states (and everywhere else as well as a result), kill millions of jobs, and force the cost of electricity to “skyrocket.” These smug bureaucrats refuse to disclose their research, their economic projections, or any other data that they allegedly used to develop these proposed standards — and they have been stonewalling even Congress, demonstrating their unabashed arrogance. It is time that the people rose up, demanded action by their elected representatives to stop the EPA’s onslaught on America, and bring the whole truth to light about these rules and the shenanigans of those who seek to impose them on us.

  • Sunspot trends suggest global cooling may be ahead

    Leading European scientists are now predicting a long-term cooling trend will follow the past 17 years of relatively stable worldwide temperatures. Dr. Fritz Varentholt expects the world to get cooler in the future for three reasons: (1) we are or soon will be beginning on the downward flank of the Sun’s Gleissberg and Suess cycles; (2) solar activity during the next cycle may extend our current very weak one; and (3) ocean cycles will be in cooling phases over the next decades as well.

  • Workers suffer when militarized police and Big Green get together

    Billionaire environmentalists have long been at war against the American people — and hide behind federal agencies which have joyfully done their bidding. Today, however, people are awakening to this threat, and fighting back against the billionaires. As Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written, the poor will revolt against this micro-management of the economy and the environment by rich elites.

  • U.S. Government releases predators against its own people

    With pressure from environmentalists (including anti-meat activists), the federal government reintroduced the Mexican grey wolf into southern New Mexico and other areas — to the dismay of ranchers and their families, livestock, and pets. The anti-people zealots are now demanding even greater protections for these wolves, who routinely kill other endangered or threatened species and pose genuine threats to people despite claims that wolves do not attack humans. The time is now to fight against this dangerous trend — by submitting comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Are scientists cooking the books?

    Can there be a valid discussion about the climate if warmist scientists cook the books? Warmist scientists have been accused of adjusting temperature records to create the appearance of global warming.

  • It’s about the money, not the climate

    The lies that governments, the United Nations, and the International Monetary Fund tell about the climate are about the money they can extract from citizens who must be kept frightened enough to pay taxes on their use of energy.