2001, 2019

Don’t ban plastic bags!

BY HAL SHURTLEF: Learn the facts about plastic versus paper bags – and bag the bans, instead.

1901, 2019

Green New Danger

It quickly becomes obvious that this "Green New Deal" is nothing more than a ruse designed to give the radical Left the redistribution and control it has always craved.

1601, 2019

Losses outweigh gains on electric cars

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A battery package for a medium size electrical vehicle costs more than $13,000 – equivalent to the material cost of an entire gas-fueled compact car – and they can require 8 hours to recharge. Then there's the subsidies.

1001, 2019

Funding the climate-industrial complex

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BY TOM TAMARKIN: Supposedly “green” or “renewable” energy has become a trillion-dollar-plus annual industry that has spawned tens of thousands of new businesses worldwide. The total Climate-Industrial Complex is a $2-trillion-per-year business.