• Powerful anti-fossil energy lobbies target students

    America’s colleges and universities used to take pride in “free speech” — but today, billionaires and power brokers have conspired to pressure the halls of academe to stifle any dissent to the mantras of the Far Left. Hopefully, today’s students will be wise enough to consider that something so feared that it cannot even be mentioned might just be more of a threat to the powers that be than to their own understanding of reality.

  • Energy security must include reliable power

    Americans need to prepare for energy poverty unless the Obama – EPA juggernaut can be derailed and the so-called Clean Power Plan can be blocked or repealed. The courts in the past have ruled that the EPA overreached — and surely that is what is happening here, but the people cannot rely solely on the courts (which soon could be controlled by radical leftists) and so need to rise up themselves and turn this underpowered train around.

  • It is a bad time to be in the renewable energy industry

    CFACT advisor Marita Noon says that 2015 promises to be a dark year for those who have benefitted from massive subsidies for wind, solar, and biofuels — the public is tiring of the cost and the failed promises — and of higher food costs. There will surely be a massive fight between Washington and the states over this — but wait and see.

  • A message for Pope Francis

    If Pope Francis is truly committed to advancing science, the poor and creation, he should reject climate chaos claims unless and until alarmists can provide solid evidence to back up their assertions and models.

  • Financing Climate Crisis, Inc.

    CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen outlines six stratgegies through which the Obama Administration is using climate change to “fundamentally transform” America. THey are attacking dissenters, trying to censor skeptical speech, and worse.

  • Solar tax credits are not “conservative” or “free market”

    With Louisiana looking to trim a budget deficit (partly caused by Obama energy policies), the state legislature is considering a dramatic cutback in subsidies for rooftop solar installations — subsidies that in one documented case amounted to $33,000 of the cost of a $40,000 system. The customer was quite happy, noting that after a 5-year amortization for his $7,000 investment, his energy is now free. But who is amortizing the $33,000 that taxpayers paid for? If it took 5 years to amortize $7,000, then it must take nearly 30 years to amortize the true cost of the solar installation — longer than the lifespan of the solar units.

  • Deepwater Horizon five years later: lessons learned

    Five years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon fire and explosion, the Gulf of Mexico is recovering nicely, and so are the people of Louisiana whose livelihoods were impaired as much by President Obama’sm unnecessary drilling moratorium as by the oil that washed ashore following the incident. The industry, too, has tightened its rules governing offshore drilling, making it even safer than before.

  • The EPA and Obama blame asthma on “global warming”

    The EPA and the White House are once again bringing up the dead horse of “global warming” (aka “climate change”) to scare the American people into accepting their radical, job-killing, health-destroying bad ideas. The science does not align with their dictates, but until someone stops them they will continue to weaken and sicken America with wrong-headed policies that punish achievement and reward cronies.

  • The American people aren’t stupid enough to buy the manmade climate crisis narrative

    The American people are increasingly not buying into the global warming (er, climate change) scary scenarios, but the Green Left, led by Al Gore, is responding by turning up the heat — and increasingly seeking to silence opposition they cannot control. That this is a losing technique escapes notice because they believe that nobody cares enough about stopping them to resist and overcome the firings, threats of prison time, and even worse from the shrill sirens of statism.

  • EPA’s mercury rule statistics smell fishy

    Once again, the EPA has overreached in its attempt to regulate entire industries out of business. The new mercury rules, for example, which is facing Supreme Court scrutiny right now, would be the most expensive ever, disrupt U.S. energy supply, and provide miniscule real-world health benefits. The EPA, however, has concocted a scenario that claims huge benefits and low costs — based on “science” it will not share with Congress, let alone the public. Perhaps the Court will take a hard look at this “science” and decide it is insufficient to justify such draconian measures, perhaps not.