• Pope’s climate message steeped in secular leftism

    Speaking at the White House last week, Pope Francis echoed the call in his latest encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praise be to You) emphasizing “sustainable development” which moves away from unfair capitalism and fossil fuels and towards wealth redistribution and renewable energy. He also said that “it seems clear to me that climate change is a […]

  • The Pope, climate change, and Volkswagen

    Bumping up against reality in her desire to be known as a Green guru, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is forced to rely on coal after shuttering nuclear power plants. Similarly, German auto maker Volkswagen realized the technology did not exist to meet stringent emissions standards for diesel vehicles and so came up with a scheme to game the system. Now they are being ordered to come up with a fis — that likely does not exist.

  • Global warming insanity on steroids!

    The agenda being driven by President Obama, Pope Francis, the UN and Climate Crisis, Inc. means our huddled masses will be forced to share ever-greater scarcity, ever-lower living standards, ever-fewer jobs and opportunities.

  • Not all energy is created equal

    Repealing the ban on oil exports is a win-win for the U.S. and its people; revising the solar investmenttax credit and the wind production tax credit are a lose-lose proposition that will cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars for an infinitesimal environmental gain. The American people should not be blackmailed by partisan politicians who want their wind and solar subsidies as the price of the positive benefits of lifting the crude oil export ban.

  • Windmills and sunbeams won’t keep the lights on

    CFACT advisor Larry Bell explains that wind and solar are intermittent sources of energy that, unlike the 24/7 reliability of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and even for the most part hydroelectric, tend to be at their peak during low-demand periods and at their low ebb during high demand. The result of shutting down existing power plants for these not-so-green alternatives will surely be blackouts and brownouts — plus higher energy prices and a lower standard of living.

  • Time to lift the oil export ban

    CFACT advisor Marita Noon notes that the Iranian nuclear deal — which puts Israel at great risk — is already matched by the fact that Israel relies heavily on Russia and Kurdistan for its crude oil — and suggests that one major benefit of lifting the ban on U.S. oil exports would be to provide Israel (and western Europe) with alternative supplies of crude oil for their refineries.

  • Obama’s Alaska trip: where were the polar bears?

    Polar bear populations in the Arctic are at record numbers (at least since humans started recording them), so it should be no surprise that all of a sudden President Obama is NOT talking about them. Instead, on his recent Alaska trip, he called for more icebreaker ships at a time he is also trying to claim that Arctic ice is shrinking (when it is not) and glaciers are retreating (which they have been doing for well over a century).

  • Renewable energy claims are unsustainable

    A possible hidden agenda in the UN’s Agenda 21 is world depopulation through not allowing sub-Saharan Africans, for example, the opportunity to improve their standards of living via modern technology, even affordable electricity. Even worse, the grandiose schemes for renewable energy only are ilkely to result in a collapse of the energy grids due to the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy.

  • Wyoming farmer in EPA’s crosshairs

    Wyoming farmer Andy Johnson is the unlikely target of an EPA vendetta — facing tens of millions of dollars in fines for daring to build a stock pond — which the Clean Water Act specifically bars the agency from regulating — on his property after obtaining all the required state permits. Meanwhile, the agency is facing no penalties at all for its massive spill of metals-laden water into the Animas River in New Mexico.