1711, 2018

Batteries not included in renewable fantasy plans

The problem is batteries, which we never hear about when these grand plans are announced. Batteries are not included, even though they will be needed in impossible quantities. Here are the simple facts which dare not be mentioned.

1611, 2018

California’s fires not climate

Governor Brown, if you are still searching for the anthropogenic link to California's tragic fires, we expect somewhere in the governor's mansion there’s probably a mirror.

1511, 2018

Unfounded fears about synthetic pesticides

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By Steve Goreham. Our modern society suffers from “chemophobia." Will insects eat our crops or people? Scientific evidence shows that everyday exposure to synthetic pesticides is negligible and that widespread pesticide fears are unfounded.

1111, 2018

Green energy wave coming in Colorado?

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The good news is that the fracking-killing Proposition 112 did not pass, but the bad news is that it got 43% of the votes, which in political terms is a lot. Let-wing politicians see this near victory as a mandate for change. The ugly news is that the new Governor is a radical green and the Democrats now control both houses in the legislature. This likely adds up to a green energy wave coming in Colorado.

1011, 2018

Canadians: UN climate change report based on faulty premises

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By the Friends of Science Society. Take away the speculative technology embedded across scenarios and models and the entire policy architecture of the Paris Agreement and its parent, the UNFCCC, falls to pieces…. Carbon dioxide removal at massive scale is science fiction…

711, 2018

Climate alarmism paradigm protection at NSF

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The US National Science Foundation has just produced a remarkably clear example of alarmist paradigm protection. It is a multi-million dollar research funding Program cleverly titled "Navigating the New Arctic."

611, 2018

Energy storage isn’t ready for wide deployment

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By Todd Royal When understanding and examining energy storage for wide-scale, societal deployment that is scalable, affordable and reliable needs to include these factors: energy security, renewable power production and cyber security. At this time energy storage doesn’t meet any of these criteria.

211, 2018

California supports “Big Oil” — So long as it’s foreign

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By Ronald Stein California is home to the largest crude oil reserves in America, but the States’ choice to not drill for that oil requires in-state manufacturers to “export” billions of dollars annually to oil rich foreign countries to import their oil to meet the state’s energy demands.