In Episode 24 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Boris Hoffman— a general contractor and avid angler. Boris also happens to be Gabriella’s dad. 

Boris discusses the following: 

— How he picked up fishing in Soviet-occupied Lithuania despite not having family interested in it

—How central planning destroyed the environment in Eastern Europe

—He expanded on Soviet propaganda they fed the populace that capitalism killed wildlife and the environment, but says immigrating to the USA the opposite was true

—He said the Green New Deal would kill the construction industry and boating/hunting industries

—Why our conservation model in America is best

—Why environmental policies should be basic but limited and energy companies shouldn’t be subsidized 

—He discusses the gun culture of the USSR vs. the gun culture of America and why the latter is better

—Why we are NRA members are law-abiding and join the organization willingly—like he and Gabriella did

—How an FBI agent told him he didn’t know where Lithuania was when he was going through the NICS background check when purchasing our guns. 

—Why it’s important to get kids hooked on the Great Outdoors

—Why we love Raise Em Outdoors and plan to be fishing counselors again

—Why he wants to start hunting at age 64 & value of meat and pelts

Learn more about him and hire him for your next remodeling project, if in the DC Metro Area, at . 


  • Gabriella Hoffman

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