In Episode 26 of District of Conservation, Gabriella deviates from the usual discussion of public policy affecting anglers and hunters to instead discuss the need for the outdoor industry to adopt a more ecumenical approach to hunting and fishing recruitment efforts, not subtraction with lectures on the “right” way to hunt or fish. She also mentions Independent Women Forum’s inclusion of the podcast on their “must-listen” list:

It doesn’t matter how you hunt or fish as long as it’s tasteful, ethical, and legal. West vs. East. Rifle vs. bow. Small game vs. big game. Public land vs. private land. High fence vs. backcountry. And sometimes, Fly vs. bait  or spin cast. It doesn’t matter. Nobody should dictate your preferred style of hunting or fishing—given we have free will here in the U.S. With hunting participation in dire need of new participants, nothing stymies this more than negative voices. Can we get past these stupid intraparty arguments? Let’s go fishing and hunting!
She mentions how Outdoor Access Inc. is a good solution for private land hunting access:

And Gabriella touches upon how lady anglers and hunters should be honored during the month of March through elevation, not torched and discouraged. She discusses a great post by Alycia Downs’ recent blog post on her website TIDE + TALE on why outdoor women who are authentic and trying shouldn’t be teared down. It goes along the lines of the first topic of discussion. Here’s Alycia’s article:
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