Dr Patrick Moore broke with Greenpeace, the organization he co-founded, when Greenpeace’s mission morphed from promoting environmentalism to promoting Socialism.

Dr. Moore is a vocal critic of the propaganda techniques used by the global warming movement and recently said on television that, “the whole climate crisis is not only fake news, it’s fake science.”

When President Trump tweeted out Moore’s statement, that was too much for the Big Green behemoth.

Marc Morano reports at CFACT’s Climate Depot that “Google, with the help of Greenpeace, is revising Greenpeace’s history to erase Dr. Patrick Moore from his role in co-founding the environmental group. But Greenpeace’s own website has previously featured Moore as one of its ‘founders.'”Auto Draft 6

Dr. Moore tweeted:

“Google has removed my photo and name from the ‘Founders of Greenpeace’. It was still there 2 days ago but now I am erased. Tech Tyranny!!”

Google and Greenpeace’s actions are Orwellian in the extreme.  In 1984, Orwell writes of “unpersons;” people who are removed from history, past, present and future; “He did not exist: he had never existed.” 
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The workers in Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” had the massive task of disappearing people in an analog world.  They had to physically burn old newspapers, print new copies, and distribute them to all the archives.  How much simpler and cleaner it is to cause someone to disappear with a few key strokes and the click of a mouse.

Tech titans like Google have awesome powers Big Brother never dreamed of and Google knows it.  They famously made their corporate creed, “don’t be evil.”  Since 2000 those words were prominently enshrined in Google’s code of conduct.  In 2015, when Google reorganized itself as Alphabet, “don’t be evil” disappeared from its prior place of honor.

A few clicks and keystrokes and Google’s creed “don’t be evil” disappeared.  Just like Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore.


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