This Earth Day, CFACT is releasing a new video series titled “Conservation Nation” with Gabriella Hoffman.

While the radical Left tries to limit freedom in the name of protecting the environment, Conservation Nation will discuss how true human stewardship through liberty and property rights are the best tools for protecting nature.

You can watch the first episode here.

Somehow, every April 22nd we find ourselves deluged with demands for less individual freedom and more government control.

This couldn’t be more backward.

When people hunt and fish responsibly, they provide economic incentives to keep wildlife thriving, and provide funds for habitat restoration, park rangers, and species rehabilitation.

Gabriella Hoffman is a columnist, digital media expert, and strong advocate for hunting and fishing. She was the perfect fit for advocating for more freedom in the environmental arena. On this first episode of Conservation Nation, she interviewed Buck Robinson, co-founder of Outdoor Access, a private company that runs an app to help people find places to hunt, fish, camp, and do any other outdoor activity that suits your fancy.

According to Buck Robinson of Outdoor Access, “Hunting and conservation go hand in hand. Without hunting, conservation literally falls apart.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Please watch and share this video this Earth Day so that more can understand how responsible human participation in the outdoors is a good thing for the environment.
No one cherishes and cares for our wild environment like our sports men and women.

This Earth Day, we need more freedom, not less.


April 22nd is a great day to bone up on the straight facts about climate, energy, environmentalism and freedom.  Head over to the CFACT store where we’ve got a unique selection of books you’ll really enjoy.



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