Beto O’Rourke is proposing $5 trillion in new government spending to pay for transitioning to renewable energy. Everyday Americans may understand that $5 trillion is a lot of money, but it is helpful to provide specifics on just how much money that is.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports there are 118 million American households. Dividing $5 trillion among 118 million households equates to $42,000 per household. So, on top of all the existing taxes and outstanding governmental debt that Americans will eventually have to pay, O’Rourke would like to saddle each American household with $42,000 in additional debt to virtue-signal about renewable energy.

Unfortunately, even that extraordinary new debt will not appease climate alarmists. Reuters reports that the Sunrise Movement, “the youth-led group that has pushed the Green New Deal into the spotlight, said O’Rourke’s plan fell short of what they said scientists said was necessary to fend off the worst impacts of climate change.”

So environmental activists intend to bill each household far more than the $42,000 ‘first step’ O’Rourke proposes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. That is on top of all the other taxes and government debt each household is already responsible for. Is it worth it to you and your household to assume another $42,000 in debt – as a mere first step in addition to further bills coming down the line – to switch to wind and solar power?

Seems like a good question to ask your friends and neighbors.


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