In Episode 35 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses being selected as a finalist for Professional Outdoor Media Association’s 2019 Pinnacle Awards. She’ll find out June 19th if she’s a Category Winner or Outstanding Achievement recipient in either the Newspaper/Online Publication or Wildlife Conservation categories. 

She also touched upon the new SCOTUS ruling, Herrera vs. Wyoming, that ruled 5-4 that a 1868 Native American treaty exempts the plaintiff from adhering to state wildlife laws in Wyoming, since the state was incorporated after the treaty was signed. Herrera illegally poached a bull elk sans license and out of season in January 2014. There’s contention over whether tribal rights will supersede state law and invite other parties to request similar exemptions to seasons and license requirements. 

Gabriella also discussed why DOI is making environmental attorney’s fees and costs recouped by taxpayers available to the public. Here’s the memo to better understand what this will entail. It comes after a September 2018 Secretarial order that called for such transparency. 


  • Gabriella Hoffman

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