The ALP-Greens-ABC-GetUp-Turnbull-CFMEU-Fairfax alliance ran hard in Australia’s recent climate alarm election – they lost.

So let us see no more anti-coal caravans, hear no more climate propaganda and replace Pied Piper Processions with hard science education. The new government must also stop blatant promotion of green energy with targets, subsidies and carbon taxes, and focus on infrastructure catch-up.

Forecasts of doom are frequent, and they fail just as frequently.

Climate is always changing. Global cooling always follows global warming. Government policies that assume continuous global warming expose our society and economy to huge risks for no measurable benefits when that forecast proves disastrously wrong.

Despite the election win, there is no room to relax. As Geoff Derrick pointed out:

“We must remember that the Coalition still subsidises renewables, has not built a dam for a long long time, is only lukewarm about a new coal-fired power station, has little interest in nuclear power, still gives too much money to the ABC, still wants to flood the country with immigrants before infrastructure can adequately cope, and we still have that French submarine agreement. And none of them can read a ‘sciency’ graph.”

We must keep the government focussed on more reliable base-load coal power, increased water storage and weather-proofed roads and rail.

We must also exit from the UN Paris and Kyoto “agreements”, and emphasise logic, maths and science in education.