America has never been cleaner or greener in the post-industrial revolution era.

This week President Trump made a major speech showcasing the good health of America’s environment and gains made on his watch.

Both are impressive.

Read the full text of the President’s remarksthe full White House fact sheet on the environment, and commentary by CFACT’s Adam Houser at

America has the cleanest air and the best drinking water on record. Overall pollution levels are in decline.

As Adam Houser points out, you’d never know it from reading the press coverage.

The Green movement in America has gone astray.  Left-leaning politicians make futile gestures such as banning plastic bags, water bottles and drinking straws and subsidizing solar panels, electric cars and wind turbines.  None of this improves our environment, and in many circumstances actually hurts it.

In contrast, the Trump Administration has refocused America’s national efforts on genuine conservation work, and this has borne positive results including:

  • EPA has been been able to clean up Superfund sites at the fastest clip since 2005, and is on track to set a record this year.
  • Real steps are being taken to improve forest management and genuinely reduce the risk of wildfires.  All the green toys in the world could never accomplish that.
  • The federal government has come to the aid of the state of Florida to effectively combat red tide and keep Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades clean.
  • Despite alarms about withdrawing from the Paris accord, America is now leading the world on reducing CO2 emissions (if that’s your thing) while also leading the world in energy production.
  • Millions of acres are being opened up to hunting and fishing with wildlife expanding at a rapid clip.

While no means perfect, the Trump Administration is no doubt headed in a positive direction. It seems to recognize, unlike its predecessor under Obama, that man and nature can advance together, not in opposition. In this there is much to celebrate.

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Indoors or out, this is a time of unprecedented wellbeing in America. The summer months also provide us a great time to go outdoors and revel in America’s natural beauty. Unless, that is, you live in one of the broken cities run by the Left, such as Seattle, or San Francisco, where tent cities spring up and human waste clogs the streets.

Bottom line: If you care about sparking water, clean air, lush green spaces, and thriving wildlife, recognize that now is the best time in recent history to be alive.

To the chagrin of Greens everywhere, President Trump may well become our nation’s greenest President.


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