Objective crop data are humiliating climate alarmists once again. In an article appearing at the top of Google News searches for “global warming” this past weekend, Al Jazeera made the claim that global warming is punishing Bangladeshi crop production, creating climate refugees. A review of objective crop data, however, shows Bangladesh is enjoying a dramatic long-term increase in crop production, resulting in record food availability, as the Earth continues its modest warming.

In an article describing global warming as creating “climate apartheid,” Al Jazeera claims global warming is hurting the impoverished nation of Bangladesh especially hard. “In particular, the low-lying country’s southwestern areas struggle disproportionally with the adverse effects of climate change on sectors such as agriculture and health,” asserts Al Jazeera.

We at CFACT decided to review crop data from Bangladesh to see if the claim is true. Not surprisingly, the claim is a ridiculous lie.

Economic data company CEIC publishes on its website United Nations Food and Agriculture data on Bangladeshi crop production. The data are striking. According to UN data current through 2017, the past five years were the five years with the highest Bangladeshi crop output in history. Bangladeshi crop output is up 20 percent since 2007, up 60 percent since 1998, and has approximately doubled since 1995.

Climate alarmists are fond of blaming every problem in the world on global warming. As Al Jazeera’s Bangladeshi crop assertion shows, however, rarely if ever does objective evidence support the alarmist lies.


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