Get ready for a hot one.

Most regions of the U.S. have heat waves in store this weekend.

What should we do about it?  How about the beach?  Swimming pools, ice cream, air conditioning, barbecues.  Enjoy it.  Keep cool and well hydrated.  Check up on the elderly and vulnerable.

What shouldn’t we do?  Hype it up as a global warming talking point.

Weather and climate are not  the same.  We are experiencing weather.  The Earth has experienced around a half degree of warming, almost entirely last century.  It’s too little to meaningfully feel, let alone to account for a 100 degree July day.

Similarly, winter cold snaps are weather as well.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi posted a veritable trove of climate data at to debunk the heatwave scare.

After analyzing the charts, graphs and numbers, here is his conclusion:

This is not about climate and weather, it is about using them to further a political agenda. Keep telling people how bad it is, if they don’t look at the counter-arguments, or are prevented from hearing them by the Alinsky like tactics of Isolate, demonize and destroy, then the end is predictable. And it’s not positive.

Heat and cold waves both happen.  Attributing heat to climate, while dismissing cold as weather, is propaganda.

The media should listen to Joe Bastardi and knock it off.


Heat wave hype

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