In Episode 46 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Jeff Traynor of Furbearer Conservation.

Nothing provokes immense reaction from Americans today than any mention of fur or fur-trapping. Celebrities, advocacy groups, and politicians have suggested wearing fur is murder and evil. In recent years, the war on fur has greatly reached new heights. 

This year, we saw many states take up bills banning predator hunting and trapping—namely in the states of New Mexico and California. 

Was this always the case? Not at all. 

Historically, trapping wasn’t simply for exchanging pelts or fur. It was also an effective wildlife management tool—a practice still employed today by many ranchers and farmers. 

In fact, furbearer management and trapping have a place in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

In today’s episode, we are joined by Jeff Traynor of Furbearer Conservation. Jeff Traynor is a licensed trapper, on-call urban/wildlife conflict consultant, Associate Certified Entomologist, and wildlife control operator with over a decade of wildlife-handling and conflict mitigation experience. His wildlife services are offered to a myriad of various clients, including government, residential, commercial and agricultural land-owners throughout The Granite State.

Jeff was awarded the 2017 “Trapper of the Year” award from the NH Trappers Association, and was also awarded the 2017 “Communication Award of Excellence” from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission for his efforts with the Furbearer Conservation™ project. He is also a certified Trapper Education Instructor for the state of New Hampshire. Jeff’s opinions and commentary on the benefits of regulated furbearer management have been featured both in radio and print.

Jeff dedicates his time not only to advocating for regulated trapping practices, but also bolster education on the traits and characteristics of fur-bearing species, as well as non-lethal alternatives to nuisance conflict situations with urbanized wildlife. He passionately regards the importance of, and advocacy for modern fur trapping both as a regulated outdoor activity and as an integral component of modern wildlife management, biology, and conservation.

As the founder of Furbearer Conservation™, Jeff continues to create content for the Furbearer Conservation™ project to help foster highly regulated trapping ethics and advocate for sustainable wildlife conservation efforts for future generations to enjoy.


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