Marc Morano’s got some interesting coverage of Al Gore’s quest to become the world’s first fake meat billionaire over at CFACT’s Climate Depot.

“Al Gore is standing to rake in millions from a World Resources Institute meat consumption reduction report, a report that will certainly help boost profits for the meat substitute manufacturers – in which Gore just happens to be a big stakeholder…Al Gore, partner and advisor to Kleiner Perkins, Beyond Meat’s big investor, stands to haul in millions, should governments move to restrict real meat consumption and force citizens to consume the dubious substitutes and fakes.”

Will Al Gore be the first fake meat billionaire? 1

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This is in line with an analysis in the Wall Street Journal a while back, that Gore has managed to accumulate a vast fortune through his government connections “without ever conferring value on a customer.”

That’s a pretty shabby business model know as “rent-seeking.”  Rent-seekers bypass voluntary markets by using government pressure to promote their product or service and to suppress the competition.

Gore didn’t become President, but he has made himself the king of rent-seekers.


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