“Nobody wants to talk about population control…Well we can’t kill everybody…” David Terungwa, Executive Director, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation.

CFACT Undercover: exposing radical UN sustainability conference 1

Hundreds of youth are attending the UN panels, where panelists call for extreme population control and centralized planning.

“We need to change behavior at an individual’s level. We must start acting now,” Satay Tripathi, UN Assistant Secretary General.

Those were just a few of the radical comments from speakers at the United Nations’ 68th Annual Conference for Civil Societies, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah this week.

CFACT’s on-the-ground operative is attending the conference under-cover, reporting back on the radical plans the UN has for communities across the United States.

By holding these swanky conferences, the UN is attempting to “normalize” a dangerous urban planning agenda – and it may be coming to your hometown sooner than you think.

Here’s what our investigative reporter has found:

A Dangerous Urban Planning Agenda

An estimated 5,000 attendees from all over the world, plus hundreds of volunteers (and hundreds of young people), are discussing how to establish “sustainable communities” across the United States. This includes a transition to 100% so-called renewable energy, urban and suburban planning, encouraging or mandating rooftop gardens, and finding ways to incentivize “behavior change” to mitigate climate change.

Most importantly, however, they are strategizing on how to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 SDG targets by the year 2030.  The conference’s main focus is SDG number 11, which seeks to make cities and communities “inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

In her opening Plenary remarks, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski stated, “The United Nations estimates that by the year 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas” like Salt Lake City, making urban planning critical to the globe’s future.  She expressed excitement for Salt Lake City’s policy move to 100% renewable energy by the year 2030. Biskupski drew loud applause when she said, “The world can’t wait, and neither will we,” a slogan she and other progressive U.S. mayors use to promote the UN’s sustainable development agenda.

Radical Comments from Panelists

CFACT Undercover: exposing radical UN sustainability conference 3

“Giving guilt-free eating a whole new meaning” the placard reads. These mandated plastic-free products are a part of the UN’s plan for America, even though they do nothing to actually help the environment when put under scientific and economic scrutiny.

One panel in particular seemed to reveal the extreme lengths to which the UN is willing to go to transform American life and culture. This panel, titled, “Infrastructure and Natural Resource Use” discussed urban sprawl, biodiversity, resource inequality and key drivers of human prosperity within “planetary boundaries,” aka limits.  Said another way, human prosperity is only acceptable if and when prosperity is in harmony with nature.

Solutions to our suggested earthly problems included behavior change, vertical forests, rooftop gardens, nuclear gardens, a future world vision of “Megacities” in 10 years, “Rural Cities” in 20 years, “Floating Cities” in 30 years, “Frozen Cities” in 40 years, and “Off Planet Cities” in 50 years.

Panelist David Terungwa, Executive Director, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation, said: “We need population control.  I know what population explosion has done to the environment…nobody wants to talk about population control.”After the panel discussion, our under-cover reporter asked Mr. Terungwa about his comments.  Laughing uncomfortably, he replied: “Well we can’t kill everybody…”

Panelist Satay Tripathi, UN Assistant Secretary General and Head of New York Office United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), scolded Americans and the world for not heeding the UN’s warnings: “We have gone from bad to worse as a human species. I have been at this for 38 years…and every year a powerful group of scientists keep warning us about the future and we don’t listen.”

Tripathi snapped, “Our arrogance is that nature is for us…one million peer-reviewed articles on climate change AND WE DON’T READ!  In 2014-2019 we experienced the hottest years…not in recorded history but in ALL of history,” Tripathi claimed. “We need to change behavior at an individual’s level.  We must start acting now.”

Hypocrisy on Display

CFACT Undercover: exposing radical UN sustainability conference 2

Conference-goers are treated to unlimited food and drink from swanky bars while they demand the world begin to tighten their belts.

Panelist Amanda Nesheiwat is a certified recycling professional, a credentialed Al Gore Climate Reality Leader, a UN Youth Ambassador, and Environmental Director at Town of Seacaucus, New Jersey. Nesheiwat was excited because her town is passing an ordinance to ban plastic bags.  Nesheiwat flies frequently to climate change-related conferences, but suggests walking is a “low hanging fruit” for addressing climate change.  People should “get off their couch and walk more,” according to her.

While the panelists and speakers called on the world to consume less, travel less, and live with less, conference attendees enjoyed free, unlimited food and an assortment of free beer, wine, and sodas from a multitude of satellite bars and over 20 food trucks (we wonder what those trucks run on? Probably not wind.)

Stay tuned for more undercover reporting from our on-the-ground activist, including several videos revealing more information about the UN’s dangerous agenda.


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