The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has rejected calls for a climate change debate among its presidential candidates. The DNC decision illustrates how little American voters care about climate change action, except perhaps to vote against it.

A multitude of polls during recent years show Americans generally find it a swell idea to address asserted climate change, so long as it can done reasonably and at little to no expense. For example, an Associated Press poll earlier this year found only one in three Americans would pay even $10 per month to address climate change, and barely half would pay as little as $1 per month to address climate change. And it is almost certain that the vast majority of those that WOULD pay $10 per month are environmental leftists who are already certain to vote Democrat, anyway.

So the DNC has a dilemma on its hands. Its radical, leftist base fixates on asserted climate change. They call it the greatest existential threat to humanity. And yet the American people strongly oppose being stuck with outrageous energy bills and new taxes to pay for expensive climate plans.

Ironically, Republican policymakers are being bombarded with messaging that the key to winning future elections is to present their own expensive, big government plans to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. The Democratic National Committee wisely fears presenting bank-breaking climate plans to the American people prior to an election, yet Republicans are being told such plans would be a winning strategy for them. Hmmm, that seems quite odd.

Odd, that is, until you look at who is providing such advice. Leftist environmental activist groups. Democrats. The leftist news media.

The latest voice to join the fray is pollster Frank Luntz. Luntz is embarking on a mission, funded by climate activists, to convince Republicans to plunge into climate extremist waters where the DNC fears to tread. “The ‘political temperature’ on climate change has shifted — perhaps permanently,” claims Luntz in a memo delivered to every Republican member of Congress, citing his own push poll funded by the alarmist Climate Leadership Council. Yet he forgets to mention how polls consistently show people are unwilling to pay for the expensive plans he advocates on behalf of his clients.

Ultimately, Republican policymakers follow common sense. Their conservative base wisely doubts the asserted climate crisis. The American people as a whole strongly oppose climate plans that would cost as little as $10 per month. And the only people for whom climate activism is an important issue are people who will vote leftist Democrat no matter what a Republican politician supports or opposes.

But at least Frank Luntz is grabbing a nice paycheck in the process.


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