In Episode 50 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews award-winning outdoor writer and photographer Ken Perrotte. Ken is an Air Force veteran with decades’ long experience in the communications field. He has served as the Fredericksburg Free Land Star’s outdoor columnist since 1997, and also serves as the Conservation Field Editor for NWTF’s Turkey Country and as Ducks Unlimited Magazine’s South Atlantic Flyway Editor. Ken has had over 2,000 articles published in dozens of hunting, fishing, and sporting publications over the years. He maintains the Outdoors Rambler website. Read his full biography here. 

Ken discussed: 

  • How he got ‘hooked’ on the Great Outdoors
  • What led him to outdoor communications
  • His thoughts on the changing media landscape and how that affects outdoor writing
  • The future of outdoor communications and what aspiring communicators should do 
  • How to recruit, retain, and reactivate newbies into hunting—particularly Millennials and other adults
  • Where to connect with him


More about Ken:

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