Fifteen years ago, many predictions were made concerning the fate of the planet. Instead of rehashing all the forecasts that have busted, you can read about them here:

We all have our own list,  ignored by many that should be reporting on such things.

But I am a positive person, so here we are in 2019 and we see climate deaths down, personal GDP and life expectancy is way up globally, The US has been one of the leaders in carbon dioxide emission reduction, the earth is greener than it has ever been in the satellite era, and food production globally is at record high levels. There are many other metrics of progress but I don’t want this to be overkill.

In short, most objective metrics say life has never been better on planet earth, yet hysteria over the future is at fever pitch.

So whom should you believe, what you are being told, or your lying eyes?

There are striking similarities to what is going on with the President, Think of all the things he has been accused of, Supposedly, you are innocent until proven guilty, yet one missive after another has not met that standard. In fact, as one objective has been proven factually false and put down, another soon appears. Like the climate scare there is a never-ending onslaught of ideas that while may have some validity in questioning, are far far from a standard of proof, yet on it goes.

And like the climate situation, it ignores the fact that we are in fact, in pretty good shape, 3 years ago ISIS and N Korea were viewed as permanent problems. They may come back of course, but for now, they seem quiet. Unemployment of the very groups that the president is accused of being biased against are at record or near-record lows. A very strange way for a president that supposedly is against these groups to have policies that have benefited them greatly. The nation is energy independent for the first time in my lifetime. I remember the gas lines of the 70s, many in this generation do not. The fact is that so far, the so-called imminent danger that President Trump poses looks to be opposite. Like the climate situation, the disasters that have been forecasted have not materialized. In many, if not most, they are opposite.

So what are we to conclude? Well first of all, no one really knows the future so perhaps there will come a time where all the climate forecasts come true, and all the warnings those same people are pushing on the President come true. I don’t believe it, but I know that tomorrow is never assured to any person. But secondly, there have to be questions raised here if one is objective. Is the US better off than it was before the President took over? Is life on planet earth better than it was 20,40, 60, 100 etc years ago?

If you need a collapse of those things, to enact your agenda, what does that mean about your motivation in these matters?

That is not for me to answer. I am just raising questions based on the parallels I see here. Dire warnings about the climate and the collapse of the US under President Trump have not come true. And in fact, if you are objective you will be forced to say many things are better than they were. But then again it seems like objectivity has been thrown out the window in both matters.

Finally, its no secret that the people pushing the New Green Deal are the people that so desperately want to get this president out of office,  I think that is much more than a coincidence.


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