The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA showed they are bought and sold by alarmist Daddy Warbucks money, as Caltech announced it is accepting a monstrous $750 million donation that will fund alarmist programs. Caltech announced it will use the money to establish a sustainability center, fund alarmist climate change programs, and funnel money to NASA for similar programs.

Multi-billionaire Beverly Hills tycoons Stewart and Lynda Resnick made the huge donation to Caltech. Stewart Resnick referred to a “climate crisis” and said, “It’s all about the weather. If we can’t solve that problem, everything else we’ve done is not going to have any meaning.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, much of the money will be funneled to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which actively promotes climate alarmism.

With a $750 million donation from climate alarmists at stake, Caltech researchers certainly realize that any climate research and programs they undertake better reach alarmist conclusions. NASA administrators and researchers certainly understand the same.

When activists give massive amounts of money to public universities and government agencies for the primary purpose of advancing global warming alarmism, those universities and government agencies lose any hint of objectivity and credibility.

This one donation to support climate alarmism exceeds all cumulative donations ever given to fund climate research and programs by skeptical organizations. And it is just one small component of money funneled to support alarmist research and organizations.

Ironically, the Resnicks produce Fiji Water, which is the subject of a host of complaints from environmentalists and fair labor advocates. Fiji Water has also reneged on climate pledges, according to the liberal website Vox.


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