Energy is essential for a modern, developed society.

Energy must be abundant, affordable, and reliable.

Ron Stein and Todd Royal have broken our energy issues down to the essentials in their new book, Energy Energy Made EasyMade Easy.  Their goal is to make us “energy literate,” and they do it in a way that is simple and enjoyable to follow and leaves us knowing more.  You can get your copy today at the CFACT store.

Ron and Todd cover energy issues from California, where anti-energy zealots have for years used the Golden State’s size and power to wield an out-sized influence not only over energy policy in their state, but yours.

California drivers enjoy the highest gas prices in the nation.  It’s not even close.

AAA reported over the weekend that Americans pay on average $2.65 for a gallon of regular gas.  Californians pay $4.18.  Hawaii is number two at $3.68, and Hawaii is a chain of islands!  What’s California’s excuse?

California’s government has gone all-in on every misconceived energy policy you can name.  High prices to drive cars, heat homes, and keep the lights and internet on are causing working people to flee.  It costs four times as much to drive a U-Haul from California to Texas than the other way around.  You’re actually doing U-Haul a favor if you drive one of their vans into California, rather than out!

Why are nuclear, coal, oil, gas and hydro efficient sources of power, while wind, solar, and ethanol are not?

Why do eco-socialists insist on thwarting energy that works, while subsidizing energy that  does not, to no meaningful benefit to people or the planet?

Get your copy of Energy Made Easy today and get the answers to these important questions and more.


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