In Episode 57 of District of Conservation, Gabriella dissects the gun control bills that will be heard in Virginia’s General Assembly come January and why they won’t stop crimes but rather criminalize law-abiding gun owners in the state. She also offers three ways to be proactive and fight back these bad bills. 


HB 2 Firearm transfers

DOJ  study

HB9 Stolen firearms -24 hour penalty

SB 12 Like HB2

SB 13 Capitol Square gun ban

SB 14 – Ban of trigger activator

SB 15: Ban carrying weapons in buildings owned by the Commonwealth (government buildings):

Virginia Beach shooting victim considered taking gun to work over concerns about colleague, lawyer says:

SB 16: Assault weapons ban (most semi-auto would be banned too)

SB 18: Universal background check bill & penalty for 18 and under

SB 22: Reinstates one handgun a month purchase ban:

SB 35: Gun bans in permitted areas:

2020 Lobby Day:


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