Wine must be getting more popular, as climate alarmists are increasingly claiming global warming is harming wine production. That is the consistent playbook for climate alarmists – figure out what people like and then claim climate change is destroying it.

During recent months, climate alarmists and their media sock puppets have frequently been claiming global warming is devastating French wine production. Titles of some recent media articles include:

Heat-stricken French wine harvests sound climate alarm” – Reuters

Can French wine survive the climate change fiasco? – RFI France

Winemaking In France Is Being Disrupted By Climate Change” – NPR

However, just as we have shown for previous false wine scares regarding California, Italy, and Greece, the objective data show French wine production consistently benefits from ongoing warming temperatures.

As we reported as part of a recent article addressing the fake Greek wine crisis:

Global wine production set a new record last year ( Even more remarkably, wine production set a new record despite a steady decline during the past five years in the amount of planted vineyards ( Fewer acres of vineyards yielding record total production is astonishingly good news for wine production.”

So could it be that somehow France is defying the global trend – as well as the trends in nearby Italy and Greece – and somehow French wine production is suffering? Hardly.

Not only is global wine production improving throughout the world, it is also improving in France. French wine production approached record highs in 2018, recovering from the negative impacts of late spring frosts in 2017 (a negative event that will become rarer if temperatures continue their modest recent rise) that hampered production. (

Perhaps global warming is actually harming French wine production … in some alternate universe. However, in the world we live in, French wine production continues to improve as the Earth modestly warms. Despite the lies the climate alarmists and their media mouthpieces tell us.


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