The official signage throughout the UN facility reads “COP25: #TimeForAction”. Not “COP25: #TheLatestScience”. Not “COP25: #PursuingTruth”. No, it is “#TimeForAction”. And the “Time for Action” theme permeates the exhibits of climate activist groups, protesters, and even the exhibit booths of the various nations. Action is our theme, gosh darn it, and everybody better be on board.COP 25: Climate propaganda crowds at objective science 1

With the UN so fully committed to urgent and immediate action, what does that tell us about the objectivity of its incessant ‘science’ reports? The answer is clearly that all reports must diminish or completely ignore scientific evidence countering the alarmist narrative. The funding, forward momentum, and very existence of the international climate bureaucracy depends on the perpetuation of the asserted climate crisis. Not only does scientific evidence contradicting the alarmist narrative create substantial embarrassment for a world body committed to “TimeForAction,” but it jeopardizes the jobs, salaries, and very existence of the enormous international climate bureaucracy.

So here at COP25, the United Nations pushes political propaganda rather than objective science. To the limited extent science is presented, it is one-sided and resting on flimsy evidence.

The people of the world deserve more for all the tax dollars we send to the United Nations climate establishment.

COP 25: Climate propaganda crowds at objective science 2


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  • James M. Taylor is an American lawyer, senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute and a CFACT contributor. James Taylor is a keen analyst of science and public policy and a competition level poker player.