The climate agenda is not advancing as quickly inside the UN conference on climate change as the 15,000 who gathered outside would like.

CFACT is continuing our work at UN COP 25 in Madrid.  Thank you to all of our friends who helped us get here!  You are the best.

The official UN negotiators mainly view this year’s conference as a precursor to next year’s.  Part of that may be a wait and see how the U.S. elections turn out.  A lot of what’s being discussed won’t be as much fun if the U.S. won’t be around to pick up the tab.

Climate radicals are taking a similar stance.  They have declared that they intend to be in control when the U.N. reconvenes in Scotland next year.  We’re watching closely to gauge how far they can get.

The CFACT team was at a scrum surrounding Greta Thunberg a few minutes ago.  She remains the star of the COP.  Leading a march of  COP 25: Climate campaigners on the march 115,000 people through Madrid this past weekend, Greta actually charged that people are “trying so hard to silence us.”  This is nothing short of a bizarre claim.  Who has been granted a bigger megaphone than Greta (and knows less of substance)?

Greta’s words have been picked up on the street with campaigners unfurling a banner which reads “Just 8 years till 1.5 degrees C.  HOW DARE YOU?” — a reference to Greta’s now infamous “how dare you” speech in September in New York where she accused world leaders of “stealing” her childhood.

On the official agenda, there’s a big push attacking Australia for trying to meet its emissions targets under the Paris Accord by applying carbon “carryover” credits left over from the prior Kyoto Protocol.  Over 100 nations, mostly from developing countries, are signing up against the Aussies.

The UN is definitely presenting itself in a more radical light this year.  Check out some of the official slogans the UN is plastering on the walls here at the COP at   From all appearances, the climate faithful are now to use the term climate “emergency” moving forward.

This change in phraseology might just pose the biggest rift at the conference this week: Will the climate “emergency” folks have it out with the climate “crisis” crowd?

If that doesn’t do the trick, we suggest next year they push it up to climate “freakout.”


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