Let’s celebrate two big wins for freedom!

The first was a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in the Juliana, et.al. v. United States. It was ruled that a group of children assembled by climate campaigners from the group “Our Children’s Trust” lacked standing to sue the U.S. government over global warming. 

The warming folks hoped this lawsuit might help them bypass all that nettlesome business about sound science, cost benefit analysis and representative democracy by simply having unelected judges foist a radical climate agenda on the American people. Miraculously they didn’t succeed, especially because it was the 9th Circuit that turned them down.

The second involved the Trump EPA rolling out new rules to govern the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) under the Clean Water Act, effectively ending an Obama-era attempt to assert federal power over every muddy puddle in the nation.

As explained by EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler at a press conference on Thursday, “Today, thanks to our new rule, our nation’s farmers, ranchers, developers, manufacturers and other landowners can finally refocus on providing the food, shelter and other commodities that Americans rely on every day, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys and consultants to determine whether waters on their own land fall under the control of the federal government.”

These are indeed important victories on two key issues CFACT has been working on for years.

Margaret Thatcher used to talk about something she called “the Socialist ratchet.”  When the Left had power, they would tighten the screw on individual freedom.  When reformers took charge there might be a pause, but the tension would never let up.  Government’s wrench turned only one way.

When reformers find the rare courage to use that great big government “wrench,” loosen things up, and move our laws and regulations back toward individual choice and freedom, it is time to celebrate!

Take a look at CFACT’s massive archive on both the Waters of the United States rule and climate change.  With your help we’ve sent in petitions, submitted testimony, went on the airwaves, and covered every aspect of these issues and how the Left has been using them to achieve control.

With your help we pushed back and won!

I’d like to call your attention to two of our most recent articles we’ve posted to CFACT.org

Pete Murphy initiated immediate coverage when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the climate industry’s attempt to use children as pawns for a climate lawsuit.  Can you imagine what a staggering blow it would have been had the courts actually bypassed Congress and taken control of our entire energy sector?

Dr. Jay Lehr wrote a great piece on the importance of EPA’s new rule returning control of our local waters to individuals and the states.  This is a big win for farmers, homeowners and businesses.  The notion that every muddy ditch and puddle in the nation qualifies as the “navigable” waters of the United States, as contemplated by the legislators who wrote the Clean Water Act is absurd.

Rare and precious indeed are the days when freedom advances.

This weekend, let’s raise a glass to the sweet taste of victory.


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