The climate Left thought they had succeeded in silencing Dr. Patrick Moore.  They failed.  Dr. Patrick Moore’s keynote address in Regina has been canceled.

Just as quickly he was invited to speak at a new venue.  Dr. Moore will appear at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina on May 19th.

Which event do you think will be more fun?  Which more truthful?

Dr. Moore, who is an environmental scientist and one of the co-founders of Greenpeace issued this statement:

Late last Friday I was deplatformed for the first time in my 45 years of giving keynote speeches at conferences around the world. The City of Regina, which through my speaker’s bureau had signed a contract with me to kick off their Reimagine Regina Conference in May, caved to local activists and told me I should stay home.

In its announcement regarding my banishment, the city said it did not want “to spark a debate on climate change.” It said the stated goal of the conference is “to make the city’s facilities and operations 100 per cent renewable by 2050.” In other words, municipal officials wanted me to say what they wanted me to say and not what I wanted to say to them. That’s just not how I operate.

CFACT asked you to contact Regina Mayor Michael Fougere and stand up for Dr. Moore.  Did you ever!  Last we heard comment to the Mayor’s office was running 4 to 1 in favor of allowing Patrick Moore to speak.

As always, you are the best!

Nonetheless, Mayor Fougere tucked his tail between in legs and caved in to the bullies.

Traditions of free speech, scientific freedom, and civility are every bit as rich and essential in Canada as they are in the United States.  By censoring Dr. Moore Mayor Fougere has placed a stain on these fundamental freedoms that won’t easily wash out.

Here’s the good news.  CFACT’s friend Ezra Levant, who founded the Rebel news organization, stepped in and arranged the new venue.  Dr. Patrick Moore’s talk in Regina is going to be bigger, better and more important than before.  To purchase tickets, visit the event page here. 

Ezra Levant said:

Media bullies, environmental extremists and political scolds thought they could deplatform Dr. Moore. We’re re-platforming him — and it looks like he’ll have a far larger audience than before,” Levant said in the email, noting more than 470 tickets have already been sold. 

“The incredible response by Reginans shows that Canadians won’t accept political elites telling them who they can or can’t hear from, especially on global warming and related matters. People want to come and judge for themselves.”

Shame on you Mayor Fougere!  Bravo Ezra Levant!

Let Canadians hear what Dr. Patrick Moore has to say and judge for themselves.

The more the Left tries to silence our friends, the louder they roar back.


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