In Episode 81 of District of Conservation, host Gabriella Hoffman chats with Dianna Muller, competitive shooter and founder of The DC Project. The D.C. Project comprises women from all 50 states meeting their legislators in Washington, D.C. as firearm owners and 2nd Amendment supporters. The 2nd Amendment should not be a partisan issue and our goal is to take every member of congress to the range and educate them on firearms safety, all the while giving them the opportunity to get to know us as good, upstanding, responsible citizens.

Here’s more on Dianna’s biography: 

Dianna Muller is a two-time national 3-gun champion. She is a 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department serving assignments in Narcotics, Gangs, Street Crimes, and Patrol. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of Interior Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council. Dianna is the Founder of The DC Project. She is a host of the Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel.


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