For scientific analysis to have validity it must be transparent.

This is particularly crucial when that analysis will form the basis upon which we are asked to subordinate individual choice to bureaucratic regulation, or when large sums of money are in play.

EPA has had a conflicted, cozy relationship with certain researchers and pressure groups for too long.  EPA continually prevents unbiased experts from reviewing and testing the science it relies upon for its rulemaking.  EPA wants your help to reform its process at last.  This is long overdue.

Will you take action and help CFACT tell EPA to end secret science and make transparency SOP?

Click here and add your comment to ours right now.

Don’t be put off by the April 17 posted deadline.  The deadline was extended to May 18 due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

We posted CFACT’s full comment and its addendum to  Here’s the intro:

Simply put, ending secretive science is basic common sense. It is an essential step in ensuring that evidence-based science supports policies and regulations that protect public health and welfare, while safeguarding our freedoms and prosperity, and preserving public support for and confidence in government agencies and regulations. Indeed, without transparency at every step in the process, abuses, fraud, and unnecessarily expensive and burdensome regulations are inevitable.

CFACT therefore agrees with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to:

  • Apply this rulemaking to both influential scientific information and significant regulatory decisions;
  • Clarify that the rule does apply to data, models and other evidence employed in support of pivotal science, pivotal regulatory science, influential scientific information and significant regulatory decisions; and
  • Clarify that the EPA Administrator has the authority to grant exemptions under certain circumstances.

The scientific method demands that researchers’ work be fully transparent.  Data must be made available for examination.  Theories must be open to challenge.  Disproven theories must be altered or set aside.  Barriers must be removed that would prevent valid conclusions from rising to the top.

Politically correct science is an oxymoron.

Factually correct is the way to go.

Act by May 18th, forward this to your friends, and together let’s tell EPA we will settle for no less than good science.


COMMENTS on EPA-HQ-OA-2018-0259

SUPPORT FOR supplement to proposed rule:

Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science”

Read the full submission at


IN FURTHER SUPPORT FOR supplement to proposed rule,

Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science”

Read the full addendum at

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