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This is another half-truth deceptive piece. I can never tell if its on purpose, or whether the writer simply will not look at the other side of the issue. When we look at Carbon emissions, its not just Carbon Dioxide, its also Carbon soot, which is a pollutant. But the article does not even make mention of the 2 different forms of Carbon Emissions. No one believes Carbon soot has any value in the atmosphere except to pollute it. And China leads the world by far in that. Co2 is a different matter and its rise was no different than the year before. But the person did not even bother to look at the Keeling Curve, which shows the Co2 measurements. If they did, it was not put in for it would shoot down the article. For

For it clearly shows the peaking we get when the Northern Hemisphere has less vegetation in the winter vs the normal fall that has started as it greens up:

More one-sided climate propaganda

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Notice the flattening for a time in March, but the same thing shows up the year before, and may be because of the maxing out of arctic sea ice at that time of the year. That reduces the oceans total input for a time, which may be the reason for the flattening then. So 2 valuable hints are not mentioned here 1) You want a real green deal, develop global tree planting initiatives. The republicans have a trillion tree initiative and actually 2 democrats support it. My question is why not more. We can see what happens when there is increased vegetation.

2) The cyclical warmth of the oceans may be the source of the excess co2 since the oceans outsource co2. Since there was no appreciable slow down of the co2 increase, a fact that was not pointed out in the article due to the all encompassing term, Carbon emissions ( the soot did fall), then we have another hint as to where the excess co2 is coming from ( oceans) Even if it is man, planting trees and increasing nuclear power is a much better environmental and economic solution that will not destroy the economy as the Green New Deal is in essence, designed to do. The thought of AOC as a climate czar should scare the daylights out of anyone. ( they would get rid of another low co2 source, fracking) But if Joe Biden wants to bring back all these manufacturing jobs with his latest buy USA policy, which is quite ironic given as vice president he was in an administration that said those jobs would not come back, and President Trump has led the way in proving that wrong, then he is going to need energy. But we are going to find out exactly who is anti-American and who is not, and you cant have it both ways.

But back to the original article. No mention of any of the things I brought up here. Just the same old one-sided propaganda with no journalistic curiosity to even look at the actual data during the virus. This happens all the time when it comes to the environment. I cant tell if its simply flat out agenda driven, ignorance, purposeful deception, or what. But whatever it is, this article demonstrates clearly the lack of looking at competing ideas, which has become the normal today.

I will close with the words of Steely Dan, from Reelin’ in the Years.

“The things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand”


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