Politicians are abandoning science and “weaponizing the weather,” hoping to gain advantage in the upcoming election.

Joe Biden read a speech laden with the most outrageously extreme talking points in the global warming playbook.

CFACT rapidly laid out the facts that take climate exaggerations down.

Marc Morano continued CFACT’s debunking of Biden’s science mistakes on the Tucker Carlson show.

Watch Marc in action at Climate Depot:

“What Joe Biden said is you can vote yourself better weather, President Obama said the same thing in 2012 and people did vote for him. They voted him back in, but guess what, we still have extreme weather. So voting for Obama didn’t help and I don’t know how voting for Biden is going to stop extreme weather.”

“This is climate ambulance chasing at its core, weaponizing weather events to say, look.’ There’s a bad weather event here and we need a Green New Deal.’ They are using science to lobby for Politics. Vote for me and I will make the weather better.”

“They just want you to be afraid. In the case of Biden, he actually said we will all die if we don’t stop fossil fuel use and he wants to put fossil fuel executives in jail — but meanwhile he’s still using private jets.”

CFACT’s important new film Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy will expose shameless tricks like blaming natural extreme weather on climate change during our worldwide streaming event on September 24th.

Tucker Carlson told Marc on the air, Climate Hustle 2 — I’m going to watch that.”

You should, too — September 24th at 8 PM.

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