On behalf of all of the student leaders and staff who just participated in CFACT’s exciting 2016 leadership “Eco-Summit” in Brainerd, MN last week, let me take a moment to give you our most warm and heartfelt thanks.

The support we received from our CFACT friends helped make this year’s event one of our best ever.

The 2016 eco-summit drew students from all across America – from such diverse campuses as the University of California, Fullerton and Texas A&M, to Florida State, American University and the University of Minnesota, among many others.

It is CFACT’s privilege and opportunity to train student leaders on the important communication techniques and grassroots tactics they need to effectively disseminate our pro-free market, pro-property rights message to the next generation.

And it is also an important means to introduce our student leaders to powerful spokespeople like Dr. Roy Spencer, Marita Noon, Marc Morano, Paul Driessen and Martha Boneta who can provide them the critical facts and ammunition to take on the campus Greens in the Politically-Correct halls of academia.

Best of all, we are able to do this in an environment where they can have fun as well!

“This is the best conservative-student conference I’ve been too,” said University of New Mexico student Vivianne Gonzalez, “and I’ve been to a lot of them!”

“It was awesome,” said Heraldi De La Cruz of Seton Hall University in New Jersey, “I am really looking forward to taking all this information and sharing it with those on my campus as soon as I get back.”

CFACT’s Collegians program is gearing up for a busy academic year, recently hiring Graham Beduze from the University of Louisiana as an additional grassroots coordinator to help organize students nationally.

This year’s campus program will include sending out top-notch speakers, conducting workshops and petition drives, carrying out op-ed campaigns, showing films, and organizing field trips designed to help promo CFACT’s message on issues such as energy development, property rights, fracking, and of course, climate change.

Once again, thanks to all of you who generously supported our student program. We really appreciate your commitment to helping us impact the future of this nation.

I’m confident these students will make you proud!

If you would like to chip in further and help us battle against the forces of “Political Correctness” and the Green Left through our Collegians program, your support is welcome and needed. Please send your most generous contribution today!


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.