I can’t resist! This simply must be said.

I never attack someone personally, but I will argue with ideas. When it comes to people on the other side of the climate issues, there are a lot of them that just walk into easily countered traps. I can’t figure it out. Do they not know if they are going to say something, almost always there is a counter argument? Or do they, but figure no one will call them on it.

Quite frankly and off this matter, the President could have absolutely annihilated Joe Biden on climate. Especially since he made the arsonist in chief comment, when 5 times the amount of acreage was burning in the 1930s when FDR was president. So what was he? (Interestingly enough like FDR apparently Joe Biden may want to pack the supreme court, which he referred to once as a bonehead idea. And his comment about arsonist in chief was also).

The President IMO should have been waiting to unload with Mike Pence also having had aN opportunity to do so. I am not talking about getting into some science argument, but just a few choice examples with the caveat that there are many more, that would just stop them dead in their tracks. Can you imagine Joe Biden trying to explain why South Florida was hit with close to 10 major hurricanes in the 1940s, yet this “most active time ever, only 4 majors hit the US this decade? Just a sample. But the fact is, be it Joe Biden or whoever or whatever, they largely have an unchallenged playing field on this matter. So a happy, though shrinking band of skeptics see all these things, and marvel at how they simply go unchallenged.

But this is a prime example. Now if not for people that send me this stuff constantly, I would see it, I am far too busy with what I do, which is forecast to go searching for twitter wars to get into .. I don’t follow a lot of the people on the other side and if you get real smart ones, I simply read their work rather than their tweets. But this got waved in front me and like the Raging Weatherbull I am on Weatherbell.com premium (video) I have to bring it up.

Okay so we have this statement.

Not a single major station in the U.S. was below normal during the last 5-day period. None. Nada. Zip. Sad.

And that is what happened, so, fair enough. (Though since I am getting so old, I like it warmer so its not sad to me) No name given just the example.

That point can not be argued. It was warm all over and yet this is what I am talking about when it comes to either not looking, or looking and simply ignoring to push an agenda. Look at the 6 days before.

Look at what is coming:

So when its all balanced out, ITS LIKELY TO BE BELOW NORMAL. In fact, even with all that warmth, the month has been cool over the east!

And with what I see coming the rest of the month(current forecast for the 10 days after the period you see above),

methinks a lot more people are going to be remembering the month from the plains east for the cold that showed up. And if they do remember the warmth, yes it may be sad, but because it did not hang on long enough. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy warm tranquil fall days. Likely not to be the case much of the rest of the month.


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