Leave it to me to find a weather link to the election, that deals with the past. But consider this.

In 1936 the country was in a horrible depression. Despite Covid, we are pulling out of the pit we were in and it’s a shame If the person that engineered it may not be in office to get credit . But that is another story. In 1936 people were overall tougher. They knew what was in front of them and dealt with it, not have a good chunk of the population fearing everything… but fear itself. Interesting that the president at that time said that several years later and was a democrat. The new mantra would be we have everything to fear, but not fear itself.

So the left and media could not have scared the daylights out of people. People would have voted the way they are supposed to, the simple act of showing up, registered and able to prove who they are. GIVEN THE SACRIFICES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE, IT’S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. Or REQUEST an absentee ballot in advance, 1 person 1 request 1 ballot. But now the same country has 25-50% of a population I would say is fearful and complacent that may be simply to much to overcome. Years of being taught relevant truths of leftist ideals have come home to roost.

They could not have used Climate in 1936 as an issue ( given Biden is out there saying he has a mandate on that matter now) . Why? How do you explain summer high temps in the 4 years leading up to 1936 And including it.

1936: They could not have used Covid, climate, or fear to shape election

The last 4 years have been opposite:

1936: They could not have used Covid, climate, or fear to shape election 1

So you cant go blaming co2 increases for the heat in the torrid 30s

Speaking of heat, its obvious now looking at the percentages of positives, covid is on the increase. Its % positive that counts:

1936: They could not have used Covid, climate, or fear to shape election 2

We all know there was much more Covid up front, we just couldn’t catch it. But its obvious the weather is playing a role. The increase in the summer when we “opened up” can be attributed, at least in part to people hanging out more in nice air conditioned places. You did not have that in the 1930s The fact is COVID or almost any virus does not do as well the hotter it is. It is also much more likely to spread in an air conditioned 69 degree place than an outdoor 96 degree open space with plenty of sunlight.

So now imagine this. Its 1936 You don’t even know what air conditioning is. Its scorching hot by day, sweltering at night. What happens to Covid? No nice air conditioned places to gather. Its hotter in most of the country than its been this summer? What happens?

But here is the thing. Would we have even known there was a bad outbreak of Covid around? Swine Flu and the 17-18 Pandemic killed far more young people than old. In fact under “know it all” Joe’s watch ( I cant help it, it makes me sick to hear him say he would have done better) 13x more kids under the age of 15 died in the Swine Flu outbreak than with this. At that time my kids were 13 and 10 right in the prime age group that was hit worst. Yet did anyone shut down the schools? Did anyone go bomb the populace with doom and gloom for their kids. Gee, who was in office then? Wouldn’t want to get rid of that hope and change now would we, by scaring anyone? In fact does anyone even bother to compare this to what is happening now and what the president in office has been demonized for?

One more fact. The average life expectancy in 1936 WAS 56 YEARS OLD. FIFTY SIX. 90% of all Covid deaths have been 55 and up!!! And when you use other factors, its even more astoundingly low.

When you dig into the numbers, its nauseating to see how this has been portrayed. Suppose we had a nation that said, okay no air conditioning lets just sweat it out all summer ( which btw give Green new deal plans may not be so far fetched if that ever comes to pass) Heat related causes would have skyrocketed. Perhaps even to levels that we see with Covid in that population group. But not likely to math cold related deaths in the world, which kill far more, another inconvenient truth. But do you think for one second that as a nation we are tough enough to take that? A large part would rather cower in fear and point fingers, and that part voted and made it clear where they stood.

Finally, it reveals that the idea you shut down the football season, at least the playing part of it, in the warmest time of the year, is being revealed as the nonsense it was. A political ploy by people in charge ( look at what conferences did, the PAC 10 west coast and then across the north in the Big 10) The Virus may have almost “burned itself out” if it were 1936 with that kind of heat and lack of cooler sources. But how do you justify shutting down the football season or much of anything for that matter for younger people, when you behaved the way you did in the 09-10 pandemic? And why would those younger people vote in droves for the very people that would do that to them, except they have been and continue to be indoctrinated into a false missive. And how do you deny that there was a seasonal aspect to all this? Of course there was and is.

So what does this reveal. It reveals that we will get what we deserve as a nation. If you have large segments that sway to the cadence of complacency, be it in Covid, Climate or anything, they are going to be an anchor and those that wish to rise. But its not all their fault. For the go along to get along people that profess to know better that have been elected let it happen. And its no wonder that someone that got up and fought that, would have to be destroyed by people who’s vision is contrary to what Trumps message and every great presidents has been, defend the freedoms and foundational values that made this nation great. In the cesspool that politics have become you can not send a Shakespearean actor to clean it up, but that is lost on many people. So its not Covid that is going to destroy this nation the way its supposed to be. Its not climate. Its as Burke said, doing nothing in the face of evil. I fear it is too late now. But all these things in the headline of this piece, if you allow the linkage to be made, and I show this in my book, “The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War”, are symptoms of the malady that the is threatening to take down mans greatest experiment in free will in history, the United States of America.

God bless America


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