John F. Kerry is making a political comeback thanks to the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. Last week the President-elect announced he would name Mr. Kerry as Special Envoy for climate change. His mission, which he’s chosen to accept, is to save planet Earth!

Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies never had it so difficult.

John Forbes Kerry is the ideal man for this genuine mission impossible since he is a global warming fanatic on par with the Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio crowd, and no less obtuse and hypocritical. His second and current wife is Teresa Heinz, who was widowed to one of the heirs to the Heinz ketchup fortune. His multiple homes, mega-yacht and private jet travel fit well with his fellow climate elites who live so imperviously to their cause.

Mr. Kerry has been wildly successful at getting prominent government positions and wielding influence to a degree many aspire, but few attain.  What he’s done as a D.C. fixture is the problem, yet such failures are being rewarded since they fit with the Biden-Harris climate agenda.

Climate Depot (here) documented Kerry’s many global warming inanities, including his zeal to impose edicts on the country in the name of fighting climate change in similar vein to Covid-19 restrictions.  Typical in political circles, Kerry’s climate pronouncements come bereft of actual science.

Mr. Kerry’s D.C. career began when he was elected in 1984 to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts. At the time he was Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth, but was well known as a prominent member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. In 1971, Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about alleged atrocities by American soldiers, which was broad-based slander and rife with falsehoods.

Though he lost his first race for Congress in 1972, Kerry was nonetheless able to parlay his Vietnam soldier and protester fame into a long political career that nearly got him elected president. As the Democratic nominee in 2004, he made his military service in Vietnam a prominent feature of his campaign, which came back to bite. His narrow loss to President George W. Bush was due in part to this testimony and embellishments about his military service that were used against him by other Vietnam veterans who formed a group called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Sen. Kerry finished his Senate career in 2012 when a re-elected President Barack Obama tapped him to be U.S. Secretary of State. Among the foreign policy achievements Kerry would claim was the Paris Climate Accords – except the treaty was so flawed, Obama pretended it wasn’t a treaty and never submitted it to the Senate for the required two-thirds approval.

President Trump wisely withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Accords.  Biden promised to rejoin “on day one.”

The Paris Accords, which have been discussed extensively by CFACT (e.g., here), require the U.S. and other industrialized nations to reduce carbon emissions, while the People’s Republic of China, with the world’s second largest economy, largest military, and a growing adversary to the U.S., need not bother until after 2030. Kerry and Obama were so desperate to get China as a signatory, they gave it a free pass from any near-term treaty commitments. This further makes a mockery of the incessant claims from climate alarmists that 2030 or thereabouts is a “tipping point” for the planet’s doomsday climate trajectory.

John Kerry’s style of diplomacy believes being nice to U.S. enemies and adversaries will somehow pay dividends for America. History suggests the opposite is true. The Paris Accords is one example that echoes the approach of some during the Cold War with the Soviet Union, to wit: make concessions to the other side by unilaterally disarming militarily (Cold War) and now, economically (Paris Accords), and the other side will eventually do the right thing.

As Special Envoy for climate change, Mr. Kerry will lead the nation’s effort toward unilaterally eliminating fossil fuels and redistributing billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for “Green” projects in the developing world; all for the theoretical effort to lower global average temperature by a degree or so in 30 years.

The bitter fruits of such policies will weaken U.S. energy independence and harm global economic competitiveness. Meanwhile, China, Russia, and other nations will not cease to expand fossil fuel production and consumption to gain economic and military power, no matter how much Mr. Kerry pleads.

Personnel is policy, the saying goes. Joe Biden’s embrace of climate extremism is buttressed with the appointment of John Kerry as Special Envoy, which also comes with a seat on the National Security Council. That means climate policies will be very much intertwined with American foreign policy, along with economics.

Yet, the planet’s climate will go on changing, no matter how hard America’s new Special Envoy attempts to affect it otherwise.


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