In Episode 125 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Kat Cammack – who’ll succeed her boss, Ted Yoho, as the congresswoman from Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. Cammack grew up on a cattle ranch and is passionate about fishing, agriculture, and water issues in her state. Kat will be the youngest Republican serving in Congress in the 117th Congress. She also hopes her new Republican colleagues will join her in advocating for true conservation principles and sound environmental policies.

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Kat  Cammack  is  a  small  business  owner  who  grew up  on  a cattle  ranch,  a  third  generation  sandblaster, an  alumnus  of  the  United  States  Naval  War  College, and  the  longtime  former  Deputy  Chief  of  Staff  and Campaign  Manager  to Congressman  Ted  Yoho.  As a staunch defender of our second amendment rights, she sits on the board of the Friends of the Alachua County NRA,  and  as  an  advocate  for  our  communities,  she also is President of the Newberry Jonesville Chamber of Commerce. As a  fierce advocate for President Donald Trump,  she  joined the 2016 Woman for Trump Bus Tour.

As the 3rd generation in the family business of monuments and commercial sandblasting, Kat learned early both the value of hard work and the pressures and challenges that small family businesses face ranging from labor challenges to regulations. In 2011, her family received the devastating news that they lost their cattle ranch due to a failed Obama program and was forced to evict. After being homeless for months, Kat was contacted by Ted Yoho about joining his campaign. Motivated by her recent personal experience with the failures of big government, she agreed and joined Team Yoho in September of 2011. 


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