Well maybe if it helps my book sales ( until it gets banned) but other than that, I doubt it.

Biden owns his climate plan now as his mouthpieces are coming out and revealing exactly what he was hiding in the campaign (besides himself) on this matter.

This is one of a host of headlines that is starting to show indicating these people is dead serious about enacting draconian measures from those not paying attention, the atrocity known as the Green New Deal, which for the US is all pain, and no gain.


Or this article:


Quite frankly, it is MUCH easier to forecast what these people are up to than it is the weather. It is because the idea that climate change is some kind of pressing problem is phony, hence the title of my book The Weaponization of A no fault solution to climate fear that won't devastate the economy like the Green New DealWeather in the Phony Climate War. But like so many things, an unsuspecting public, largely because much of the nation today sways to the cadence of complacency, bought into the idea that good old uncle Joe would be “reasonable” about such things. It is a deception, no different than the same play book that gave us. “shovel ready jobs”, or lowering health care costs by $2500 etc. It was outlined in my book. Also becoming more apparent is the Covid-Crackdowns may be a dress rehearsal for getting the public ready for having to submit to authority in climate matters. When you start combining that with other aspects that a lot of people grinned at as extreme you get a top-down authoritarian system of control. Afterall when you are fighting a monster you cannot see the way you do like positive tests, or daily reports on a pandemic that has shut down the nation even though only 6% of the reported fatalities are exclusive to the disease, just how much more can you stir up fear with an indoctrinated public on some enemy that is because of our evil capitalistic ways? Never mind the current problem is an offshoot of a totalitarian regime that whether by accident or design, released it on the rest of the world. Quite frankly as this Covid to climate pivot comes forward more, what is written in that book will prove even more prophetic. Environmental issues have evolved from an honest discussion to one hijacked by people who are indeed seeking to fundamentally change the formula for American exceptionalism. You name the issue, and the cause behind it has been hijacked by the left. So climate was and is predictable. A heck of a lot more predictable than so called “climate models” or other models for that matter.

It is not about weather. It is not about climate. It is about the fact that we have being fighting on an issue that is merely a smokescreen. And we either did not understand, or like many things the right does, fights on what we consider to be honorable terms when the left fights like it’s a street fight, using any means necessary to get to their end.

When you are hearing things like what you are reading in the referred to blog above or that Gina McCarthy is returning to a position of influence ( the same person that did not know how much co2 was in the atmosphere, that said that the measures the EPA was taking would only save .03C over a century, but was a good example for the rest of the world, (which means economic suicide of the nation would be a noble example I guess) the same person that took a picture with a demeaning comment about coal ( Hey Sen. Manchin are you seeing all this, you are likely going to be in a party that leads to the destruction of your states economy) in the background) then what are you to conclude if you are paying attention?

How far gone are we? How confident are they? They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

Ironically it might be good for my book sales as, like several others, (until banned) is a testimony to why this is going on. But is very bad for American exceptionalism and the foundational values of our nation. Donald Trump stood in the way of it. But it appears there is nothing to stop it now.

On another note, Merry Christmas and God bless America.


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